Prana Air Junior Anti-Pollution Mask with HEPA filter and 8 hour battery life launched in India

On: August 22, 2019

Air Purifiers have become the need of the hour in the current environmental scenario. Prana Air has launched a new anti-pollution mask for children in India. The Prana Air Junior Anti-Pollution Mask has been designed to purify the air and provide respite against airborne infections, says the company.

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Prana Air Junior Anti-Pollution Mask: specifications and features

Air is purified through a two-way motor and a buildup of CO2 is released via the same as well. The mask is laced with a silicon seal which is skin-friendly and the offering is lightweight as well. It is also equipped with a five-layered filter which traps pollen, smoke and PM 2.5 particles. Additionally, it sports a HEPA Filter that is capable of removing up to 95 percent of polluted air particles. The wearable relies on a power generating motor to control the air volume and there are three different fan speeds which can be manually adjusted during physical activities.

The Prana Air Junior runs on a 5V Lithium battery with a standby time of up to eight hours, It can be charged within two hours, according to the company. Children between the ages of five and fifteen can use the mask.

Rohit Bansal, Founder of Purelogic Labs said, “Air pollution in the country is really bad. Every day we hear news on how children are most affected by the effects of pollution. Last year more than 1 lakh children died due to air pollution. Purelogic Labs want to address this with our latest anti-pollution mask specially designed for the young ones. The mask has micro-ventilators and a motor that allows children to breathe fresh purified air from one side and breathe the carbon dioxide out from the other. The motor in the mask filters out the buildup of CO2, ensuring fresh air at all times.”

Prana Air Junior Anti-Pollution Mask: price and availability

The Prana Air Junior has been launched at a price of Rs 3,490 and comes with colourful ventilator lids and animal stickers. The offering is available on the company’s online store for buying.

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