PriceBaba Local: Delivering The Promise!

We have been asked a lot of times as to why we are doing PriceBaba. We ask this question to ourselves every day. Every time we discuss a new strategy, we ask this question. WHY? The answer is simple. We believe retail In India is broken and we are fixing it. It is a tough problem and it sure takes a lot of courage to even acknowledge the magnitude of the problem. We have been at it for over a year now and it still feels like we have taken only a few baby steps.

PriceBaba Local Is Here

When we launched the first version of PriceBaba, we thought it is enough to tell you what is a good price to buy a gadget for. Just as you step out of your house to make a purchase, or start bargaining at a store front, we will tell you the secret price. As it turned out, it didn’t fly. Our friend V told us to create something that is a MUST HAVE, not GOOD TO HAVE. Since then we started to give you a lot more, verified shops, HD images, price trends, specifications etc. But as it turns out that wasn’t MUST HAVE either. It was just more GOOD. We knew that. The smart ones always pointed that. Some mentioned it to us all the time, others behind our backs. We had little choice but to duck the question each time. But we kept building something for the last one year that is now out in the open. We believe it is our most significant release till date.

Today, we are proud to present, Prices and Inventory status from local stores around you In Mumbai (update: now rolling out in Bangalore, Delhi and Pune as well). In a market where crawling the web is considered cool or giving you just phone numbers of stores around you is a great value proposition, we think PriceBaba Local Is a BIG DEAL.

PriceBaba Local Prices

We have just begun delivering the promise we made when we launched PriceBaba. A product search engine that would redefine the way you shop.

We have just started to run!


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    • VivekKhandelwal
    • September 27, 2013

    Kudos !! It will be interesting to see how this pans out. A much natural extension of a search engine is the products that can be rolled out on top off it. In this case, shopping and delivering is the obvious outcome !!

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