PUBG Mobile introduces Golden Pharaoh X-Suit, the game’s first upgradable outfit

On: August 5, 2020

PUBG Mobile has introduced Golden Pharaoh X-suit, its first-ever upgradable in-game outfit. The new outfit comes as part of the Ancient Secret mode in Erangel and Miramar maps. PUBG has announced that the new outfit can be obtained through crates in the ongoing ancient Secret mode event in PUBG Mobile or through the ongoing lucky draw till September 11th.

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PUBG is also introducing Team Gun Game mode, which will be open from Friday till Sunday, This is a 4v4 indoor match taking place in a new library map, where guns are upgraded with each kill and the final weapon is the pan. The team that kills a player on the opposing team with a pan or has the highest score when the time is over, wins the round.

PUBG Mobile gets upgradable Golden Pharaoh X-Suit

PUBG Mobile has announced that the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit is the first upgradable outfit in the game, which means we can expect more in coming days. The Golden Pharaoh X-Suit can be upgraded in three forms – basic, advanced, and a final form to switch up the appearance. The final form will require users to spend on in-app purchase. However, the basic form can be upgraded using Starfire Stone and Star Fragments in the game.

The final form of the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit features golden wings, false hair and beard, shoulder pads with snake designs, and chest armour. One of the main advantages of the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit is that when the player dies in-game, others cannot pick it up.

The Golden Pharaoh X-Suit also brings several exclusive rewards, which are accessible from Pharaoh Crates, which will be available in the Ancient Secret mode until August 13th. These crates also offer more Egyptian-themed Legendary and Epic items. There are puzzles spread across two maps, which give access to high-tier loot. The Ancient Secret mode also has slate puzzles and a new boss battle, which takes place in the floating temple.

The Golden pharaoh X-Suit comes with a drawback, which is it cannot be worn outside of the Ancient Secret mode within the Erangel and Miramar maps. These ancient modes can be played through floating temples which appear in the Erangel and Miramar maps.

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