PUBG ban: PUBG Mobile could make a comeback in India, hints LinkedIn job posting

There has been a lot of news surrounding PUBG Mobile ever since the battle royale game was banned in India last month. The Government of India made it clear that it has no plans of lifting the ban at present. Now, there are chances that the popular game might make a comeback in the country. 

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South Korean company Krafton that owns PUBG Corporation has posted a job on LinkedIn for the Indian region. The job position is titled ‘Corporate Development Division Manager’. The job profile also requires the candidate to assist in the setup process for PUBG in India. 

PUBG Mobile developer is hiring in India

PUBG Corporation has posted a job opening in India

Krafton is a leading global game company offering a diversified portfolio of games on PC, consoles, and mobile devices including PUBG, MMORPG and TERA. Notably, the South Korean company took back the publishing rights from Tencent Games in India to discard its Chinese tag.

After the ban, PUBG Corporation had announced that it will take on all publishing responsibilities in India. “As the company explores ways to provide its own PUBG experience for India in the near future, it is committed to doing so by sustaining a localized and healthy gameplay environment for its fans,” the company had said in a statement. 

As for the job posting, PUBG Corporation is looking for candidates who can develop merger, investments and strategic partnership opportunities. The role also requires supporting the setup process for PUBG India with guidance from Krafton’s HQ in South Korea. The company also hints at setting up its own operations in India with a working location from home or the city where PUBG India will be set up.

It’s worth noting that the Indian government had only banned PUBG Mobile in India. The PC and console version of the game is still accessible for download and playing. However, the job listing doesn’t explicitly mentioned PUBG Mobile, and the job listing could be for other purposes such as the desktop and console version of the game. 

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