PUBG Mobile India download button briefly appears on official website, launch expected soon

PUBG Mobile fans in India are eagerly waiting for the PUBG Mobile India version launch ever since it has been announced. However, while developers have been teasing the game extensively in the country, they haven’t yet revealed the exact release date of the game in the country. Recently, the PUBG Mobile India download link went up on the official website briefly.

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However, the excitement was short-lived since the buttons went down very soon and were not what they appeared to be. On the other hand, this indicates that PUBG Mobile India can go live any day now. The download link was spotted by a few users on the website.

PUBG Mobile India download link spotted on official website

PUBG Mobile India download link went up briefly on the official website

PUBG Mobile India download link went up briefly on the official website

Several PUBG fans in the country spotted what looked like download buttons for the PUBG Mobile India. There were two buttons at the bottom of the page as you can see in the screenshot above. One button was leading users to the Google Play Store, whereas the other one was for direct download of the APK file.

However, reportedly the buttons had broken links attached as multiple users reported that clicking on those buttons directed them to different PUBG Mobile resources on the website. According to the users, the Google Play Store button led to the coming soon announcement for PUBG Mobile India, whereas the direct download button redirected to PUBG Mobile India Facebook page. At the time of writing this, both buttons have been replaced by a single Facebook page button.

In other news, PUBG Mobile India is said to come with the lightweight installation feature for Android users and also retain previous users data from the global version.

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