PUBG Mobile India might offer lightweight installation feature: here’s how it works

On: November 19, 2020

PUBG Mobile is one of the most graphic-intensive games, which made it a benchmark for gaming performance in the smartphone industry. All those graphics and visuals came at the cost of the file size of the game, which was over 1.5GB, making PUBG Mobile one of the heaviest games available. PUBG Mobile has now announced a lightweight installation feature for Android devices and we can expect PUBG Mobile India to have the same.

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Lightweight installation means that Android users will be able to select only those parts of the game that they are interested in. However, this will be available only to the Android users and the game size for iOS users will remain the same that is 1.63GB. Here are all details of the lightweight installation feature of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile to offer lightweight installation for Android users

PUBG Mobile India will let users select what part of the game they want to install

PUBG Mobile India will let users select what part of the game they want to install

PUBG Mobile developers have introduced the new feature that will reduce the file size by up to 70 percent, to just 610MB. With this feature, PUBG Mobile is offering players the option to customise the game as per their playing requirements. Earlier, the game allowed users to download only maps, and resources required to play those maps.

Now, users will be able to choose other elements as well including gameplay modes (Smooth or HD) and features, among others. The game will also allow users to uninstall elements and features that they don’t use. Those downloading the game for the first time will get only the basic features and classic map. They will need to download other modes and maps separately.

The base file will weigh just 610MB and is designed for a smoother and more stable gameplay experience. If you have a mid-range or high-end smartphone, you can download the 332MB graphics pack for better graphics and 592MB visual pack for upgraded visual effect. Additionally, the game will provide smart suggestions for cleaning or installing new patches.

The feature has been introduced for the global version of the game and we can expect the PUBG Mobile India to have it as and when it releases in the country.

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