PUBG Mobile introduces new anti-cheat measure: here’s how it works

On: July 22, 2020

PUBG Mobile has been working on features to prevent players from cheating in the game for some time now. The developer team at Tencent has now introduced a new feature called the Safety Observation Period. With this new anti-cheating measure, PUBG Mobile intends to level the playing field for all players within the game.

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The new feature is designed to automatically detect players who are indulging in unfair gameplay tactics and using measures that are against the game’s end-user license agreement. The new feature is designed to isolate such players from matching queues and also deprive them of stats or earnings for their matches.

PUBG Mobile introduces anti-cheat Safety Observation Period

PUBG Mobile is cracking down upon cheaters with the Safety Observation Period feature

PUBG Mobile is cracking down on cheaters with the Safety Observation Period feature

The Safety Observation Period feature makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to detect players who are indulging in unfair tactics to win the game. As per the announcement by the developers, such players will be required to play the game under a Safety Observation Period.

PUBG Mobile will remove such players from the matching queue, which means they will not be able to match with other players who are not under observation during the period. They will also be restricted from teaming-up or spectate message, and only be able to access limited game modes until the observation period ends. If a player is found indulging in unfair means even during the Safety Observation Period, they will be banned from the game.

PUBG Mobile said in its release, “PUBG MOBILE’s official Operations Team is fully committed to continue guaranteeing an amazing game experience and treat all users equally and fairly. By taking a closer look at players who don’t respect the rules of the game and play fair, we’re continuing to show our commitment to providing a fair gaming environment for all.

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