PUBG Mobile updates privacy policy for India, will store user data on Indian servers

PUBG Mobile has announced a new update to its User Privacy Policy in India through its Discord channel. The new update comes amidst speculations that PUBG might get banned in India, as 275 additional apps of Chinese origin have come under the government scanner. Of these, some have reportedly been red-flagged due to security reasons, while others have been listed over privacy concerns.

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Tencent Mobile, the developers of PUBG Mobile, is a Shenzhen-based company. Given the game’s immense popularity in India, the company has now announced that user data collected by the game in India will remain in the country on Indian servers.

PUBG Mobile will ensure user data is stored on Indian servers

PUBG Mobile has updated its privacy policy to reflect that user data stays in India

PUBG Mobile has updated its privacy policy to reflect that user data will be stored on Indian servers

To shed light on the data collected by the game, PUBG Mobile requires users’ social media or Google account credentials for logging in and connecting to their friends. However, once logged in, the company can also automatically collect data from Play Game services like open ID, IP address, device information, registration time, login time and more.

PUBG Mobile has announced that this data will remain strictly on its Indian servers and won’t be sent anywhere else. And if users are still uncomfortable with their data being stored on servers, they can contact PUBG Mobile officials in India to access or erase their data. PUBG Mobile states that this way, the users will have full transparency and control over what data is being shared with the developers.

PUBG has also stated that if anyone wishes to stop using the game, they will need to delete their account. The data will then be deleted within 7-30 days of account deletion. In case users stop playing the game and uninstall the game without deleting the account, the data will be stored for a year before getting deleted automatically.

As of now, it’s not clear if this move from Tencent puts it in the clear with the Indian government. We should know more in the coming days.


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