PUBG Mobile ban: you can still play PUBG in India if you have a Samsung or Xiaomi phone

The government of India recently banned popular battle royale games PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite in India. Since the ban was implemented in the country, PUBG players have been looking for unofficial ways to play the game. Now, if the latest report by InsideSport is to be believed, casual PUBG players are still able to play the game and also download updates for the same.

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As part of the ban, PUBG Mobile and its Lite version have been removed from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. This means that new updates from these stores is not available for those who have the app already installed on their devices. However, if you own a Samsung or Xiaomi smartphone, you can continue to play the game if you haven’t already uninstalled it.

How to play PUBG Mobile on Samsung and Xiaomi phones in India

Government of India has banned PUBG Mobile in the country

PUBG Mobile has been officially banned by the Indian government

InsideSport reports that while you cannot download or update the game from official app stores, you can still get updates and continue playing it in the country. After talking to several casual gamers, the report claims that if you own a Samsung and Xiaomi smartphone, you can continue playing the game like before.

However, this only works if you haven’t already uninstalled the game. The game still loads on these smartphones and offers an update prompt. Once you select ‘Update’, the game redirects the user to the native web browser and starts downloading an APK file.

On Samsung and Xiaomi phones, this download initiates automatically and asks for permission to install. After the installation of the new APK, when you reload the game, it will download another 13.7MB patch and initiate more patch downloads. Once all downloads and updates are completed, the player is able to enter a match and play the game as usual.

Can the Indian government completely ban PUBG?

The government of India has recently taken a firm stance on the matter and announced that the PUBG ban will not be revoked anytime soon. However, in order to fully implement the ban and plug loopholes like this, the government will have to instruct internet service providers in the country to block known PUBG IP addresses and PUBG domains. Moreover, it can instruct Apple and Google to completely blacklist the game across the devices.

There were previous rumours surrounding a possible partnership between PUBG Corporation and Reliance Jio to bring the game back in India, but we haven’t heard any recent updates.


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