PUBG: New State crosses 45 million downloads; gets first major update with new vehicles, weapons and more

PUBG: New State crossed 45 million downloads globally. Though released in November 2021, the game took less than two months to reach this milestone. To celebrate this milestone, the company is releasing its first big update for all the servers. The update is available for Android as well iOS users throughout the world.  

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The update brings new weapons, new vehicles, a new arsenal customisation feature, and the most awaited Survivor Pass Vol. 2 to the game. The company is also holding winter-themed events and carries a bunch of new upgrades to the game. Here is a quick look at the PUBG: New State update. 

PUBG: New State update: list of top features

New vehicles

PUBG New State cars

The South Korean game publisher Krafton has finally released the new patch update for PUBG: New State. Though there are multiple things to be excited about in the update, the biggest news is the two new vehicles – Electron and Mesta. Both of these vehicles have entered the battle zone to aid you and your teammates in the game. The first vehicle, Electron, is a minibus that offers better mobility for up to six players. The vehicle also offers increased durability and protection against other players. The second vehicle, Mesta, is a high-speed two-seater sports car. The car offers quick acceleration and moves faster than other vehicles inside the game. 

Survivor Pass Vol. 2

PUBG New State New Merit Point System

The Survivor Pass Vol. 2 is here. With the new update, the game just became more immersive and deep. The new Survivor Pass highlights one of the main characters of the Dream Runners Faction. The story will follow the adventures of Bell, who’ll be available as a playable character inside the game. In addition to that, players can get their hands on exclusive costumes and in-game cosmetics for Bell.

Players can also partake in mini-missions to unlock new rewards during the pass. Once redeemed, all the rewards will be available inside the inventory section. Lastly, the Survivor Pass Vol. 2 also allows players to unlock Premium Pass to earn new vehicles skins and new characters. But that’s not all, players who reach Level 48 can also earn back 1,500 NC during the Survivor Pass Vol. 2.

New weapons

PUBG New State guns

Apart from new vehicles, the update also brings a new weapon to the game. The new gun is the assault rifle L85A3. This weapon offers superior accuracy while simultaneously reducing the recoil time. The L85A3 also provides the highest damage among all the guns, which uses the 5.56m rounds. Players who tend to play mid-range to long-range battles can use this gun to inflict more damage to their enemies. 

A new gun customisation system 

PUBG New State gun customisation

Players can look forward to a new gun customisation system, which allows you to customise select weapons to increase accuracy and power. The customisation is available for guns such as the M416, SLR and L85A3. The customisation allows players to reduce the recoil time for L85A3, which automatically decreases recoil control while crouching. However, the customisation slightly reduces the overall ADS speed. 

For M416, players can customise the gun to increase its damage. However, customisation comes with two problems. The first is the increased vertical recoil which increases the recoil time. The second problem is the muzzle limitation. Once you’ve customised the gun, the attachment will disable the M416’s muzzle slot. Lastly, players get to customise their favourite gun SLR. In the customization window, players can swap out the SLR’s 7.62mm barrel for a 5.56mm barrel. This increases its firing accuracy in exchange for reduced damage.

New Merit Point System


Krafton is against players who use hacks and illegal programs inside the game. Though these measures limit the number of hackers who can enter the game, some regular players also make things uncomfortable for the gaming environment. The update also brings a new credit system known as the ‘New Merit Point System’. To promote a healthy gaming environment, the devs opted for a new rating system for players. If any player gets reported multiple times due to bad behaviour, they will lose merit points. Now, upon reaching a stagnant level, the said players will not be to play squad modes in PUBG: New State. To recover the lost points, players have to again play in Solo mode and gain the minimum Merit points. This method will keep all the players in check while simultaneously creating a better gaming environment for all.

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