PUBG New State free rewards: list of events, rewards, how to participate and more

After a long halt of trial and run, KRAFTON, the South Korean gaming company finally released PUBG: New State as it had promised. The game has everything a mobile gamer would’ve wanted, including better graphics, new maps, next-gen features and a bunch of new in-game missions and more. Like the classic PUBG and PUBG: Mobile, this game incorporates the same 100-people battle royale environment with a bunch of new elements which makes this game a truly next-gen mobile battle royale.

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Since it’s the first day of release, Krafton is holding a bunch of in-game events which can be accessed via the Events tab inside the app. Players can earn multiple rewards, including the new in-game currency known as NC, free BP, apparels and much more. Here is a quick walkthrough of all the PUBG: New State events, dates, prizes, participation details and more. 

PUBG: New State: Nightmare Crate Giveaway event

PUBG: New State: Nightmare Crate Giveaway event is being held from November 19th, 2021, and will run until December 11th, 2021. Throughout the event, players can claim 3 Nightmare Crate Tickets by logging into the game daily. Additionally, it is worth noting that all the unused Crate Tickets will become unusable once the Crate sale expires. Players need to spend all the bonus Crate tickets in stipulated time between November 19th, 2021 and December 11th, 2021.

PUBG: New State: 10 million downloads celebration 

Krafton’s PUBG: New State just crossed 10 million downloads. Among all the PUBG: New State events, the 10 million download event offers 10,000 BP for free. All the players can redeem this gift by going over the Mail section inside the PUBG: New State mobile app. According to the event page, PUBG: New State players can redeem their gifts before December 12th, 2021. This gift is available for both iOS and Android users globally.

PUBG: New State Global Launch Celebration Event

The Global Launch Celebration Event is being held from November 11th, 2021, to December 8th, 2021. As the first event of the season, Krafton is offering multiple rewards for all the players who’ll log in to the game between the two mentioned dates. Here are the prizes you can win in the PUBG: New State Global Launch Celebration Event.

  • First-day login: free BP
  • Second-day login: PUBG: New State T-Shirt (black)
  • Third-day login: PUBG: New State shorts (black)
  • Fourth-day login: PUBG: New State parachute logo
  • Fifth-day login: PUBG: New State patch
  • Permanent vehicle skin for players who’ve applied for the PUBG: New State pre-registration.

PUBG: New State Launch-Day Welcome Gifts event

The PUBG: New State Launch-Day Welcome Gifts! is the second event on the list. Under this event, players can redeem free rewards as a welcome gift from Krafton. All the players who’ve downloaded today can redeem their free gifts from the Event section of the app. If you cannot find Launch-Day Welcome Gifts! inside the Event tab then tap on the “Mail” section and search for the Launch-Day Welcome Gifts! Message. Here is a list of rewards you can win at this event.

  • Takion TR1 vehicle (1)
  • New State Icon profile (1)
  • New State Profile Frame (1)
  • Chicken medal (10)

PUBG: New State CO-OP Mission Event

The CO-OP Mission Event offers the most rewards as it is the longest-running PUBG: New State event right now. There are several levels to this event and upon clearing each level, you can redeem its corresponding prizes. As of writing this, the CO-OP Mission Event has six levels that require you to add your friends to the game. Here is a list of all the rewards you can win at this event. 

  • Level 1 – Trio 150 percent BP Card (invite 10 friends to unlock)
  • Level 2 – Chicken medal
  • Level 3 – Trio 150 percent BP Card
  • Level 4 – Chicken medal
  • Level 5 – Trio 200 percent BP Card
  • Level 6 – 10x Chicken medal

PUBG: New State: Pre-Season Launch and Play Event

The Pre-Season Launch and Play Event is one of the most rewarding events in the first season of PUBG: New State. In this event, players not only get rewards for daily logins but they can earn more rewards by playing the game for particular hours. Here is a list of rewards you can earn in the PUBG: New State: Pre-Season Launch and Play Event.

  • Day 1 login: Hydrodip parachute skin
  • Day 2 login: Chicken medal
  • Day 3 login: Chicken medal
  • Day 4 login: Chicken medal
  • Day 5 login: Chicken medal
  • Day 6 login: Chicken medal 
  • Day 7 login: Cosplay Band Crate Ticket
  • Day 8 login: Chicken medal
  • Day 9 login: Chicken medal 
  • Day 10 login: Cosplay Band Crate Ticket
  • 1-hour gameplay – Chicken medal
  • 4-hour gameplay – Chicken medal
  • 8-hour gameplay – Cosplay Band Crate Ticket
  • 12-hour gameplay – Spring Green Volta vehicle

PUBG: New State: Invite Friends Event

As the name suggests, the Invite Friends Event requires you to invite your friends to the game, and upon every successful sign-up, you’ll win guaranteed rewards, including a new emote and Chicken medal. However, there are some rules and guidelines you have to follow to win rewards in this event. Here is a quick walkthrough of the terms and conditions of PUBG: New State: Invite Friends Event.

  • Invited players must access the game and create an account using the shared URL.
  • Invited players must link their Facebook or Google accounts. 
  • Unclaimed rewards cannot be redeemed once the event has ended.
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