PUBG: New State January update announced: new modes, weapon customisation, Season 1, and more

PUBG: New State is preparing for its next big update in January. The update will introduce patch 0.9.23 to the game and will feature a ton of fresh content. The update includes a new gaming mode, weapons, customisation, and much more. Moreover, this patch will also mark the ending of the preseason and the beginning of season one.

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PUBG Studios has revealed the first look for the new season via an update post on Twitter. The update will release next week and includes new content for the players. The 0.9.23 patch will also give a chance for the developers to fix some technical issues reported with the game, which has been harbouring players’ experience throughout the servers. 

PUBG: New State January update: BR extreme mode

PUBG New State BR Mode

The new BR extreme mode is perhaps the biggest feature coming with the January update. In this new mode, a total of 64 players will test their BR skills in a miniature replica of Troi. Each match will be a high-paced warzone that will last for 20 minutes, and all the players will carry the same firearm in the match. Here are some of the features of the BR extreme mode.

  • Increase vehicle and weapon count 
  • The planes will fly at lower altitudes
  • Faster delivery via drones
  • Every player will drop with default weapons – a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, 300 drone credits, and fully charged boost meters
  • Only two drop packages will be available throughout the game

PUBG: New State January update: BR mode balance changes

PUBG New State BR mode balance

The BR gaming mode is said to change some in-game settings for its new map. The changes will occur during the gameplay, and players can expect a brawny experience throughout the mode. Here are some of the changes that come with the BR mode.

  • Blue Zone speed will increase
  • The Blue Zone damage will increase in early and mid-game
  • The final phase of the Blue Zone will increase by 20 seconds
  • Deployable Shield will be removed from the game, and only the broad type will be available
  • The number of Customisation Kits will be increased
  • Exclusive changes will be made to the map Troi
  • Done credits will be decreased in Vermont
  • Players can find Novas on main roads

PUBG: New State January update: a new weapon

PUBG New State P90

The next big thing after the gaming mode is the addition of a new weapon – P90. This submachine gun (SMG) will spawn with a tier-two transformative scope and a suppressor. The gun will also enable players to fire 5.77mm ammunition. Moreover, each player will have access to 5.77 ammo in the Drone Store to call for fire more rounds when needed on the battlefield. 

PUBG: New State January update: guns customisation

PUBG New State gun customisation

Along with P90, the update also brings gun customisation options. By using the customisation feature, players can modify selected weapons to increase their range, power, precision, and handling. Below is a quick overview of the new gun customisation option and what you can do with it.

DP-28 [C2] muzzle slot access

  • A new slot for machine gun which will allow players to attach a Flash Hider or Compensator
  • These attachments will reduce the overall damage of guns like DP-28

Beryl M762 [C2] lightweight stock

  • The attachment will reduce the bullet spread when firing from the hip or shoulder
  • Players will experience weapon stability

PUBG: New State January update: weapon balance changes

PUBG New State weapon balance

The January update will also introduce new changes to weapon balances. The change will modify the current weapons stats and how they perform. Below is a quick overview of the new weapon balance changes in PUBG: New State.


  • Decreased bullet spread of shotguns and pistols when fired mid-air
  • L85A3: The reload time is reduced

Weapon customisations

  • M416 [C1]: Reduced bullet spread when firing from the hip and shoulder
  • Beryl M762 [C1]: It will no longer decrease bullet speed
  • M16A4 [C1]: It will no longer reduce the recoil control
  • DSR-1 [C1]: It will reduce the bullet speed and increase the vertical recoil

PUBG: New State January update: the beginning of season one

PUBG New State season 1

The preseason has its ups and downs. We saw many changes in the game in the last two months. However, the preseason is ending and will be replaced by season one. All the tiers of preseason will be reset, and rewards will be given based on the highest tiers’ achievements. Additionally, the January update will upgrade all the rewards for players who’ll reach the Contender, Master, and Conqueror levels. Since its end of the preseason, the match scores will go under evaluation, and all the eligible players will be rewarded accordingly. 

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