PUBG New State: how to add enemy teammates to your squad?

PUBG New State is one of the best mobile battle royale games right now. The game offers console-like graphics and huge improvements in the game mechanism. The game was able to surpass its predecessors like PUBG: Mobile and PUBG: Mobile lite. Along with the huge improvement in the graphics department, the game also offers a new feature that allows players to recruit enemies.

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In PUBG New State, you can revive players from your squad as well as the knocked-out players from enemy squads. This feature comes in handy when you are low on teammates or need extra support in a confrontation state. If you’re playing PUBG New State, adding knocked-out players to your squad will give you an advantage, and you can proceed to win chicken dinners with new teammates. Here is a quick look at how to recruit enemies to your team in PUBG New State. 

Why you should recruit enemies to your team?

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Every PUBG match comes with the risk of losing your squadmates. In those critical situations, adding more players to your side only aids you on the battlefield. You can choose knocked out enemies and recruit them to your squad. However, before you can recruit new members to the squad, you need to knock them out first. While laid out on the floor, you can go to the knocked out enemies and choose to revive them.  

Now, the most important part of the recruitment process is if the enemy accepts your request. Once you’ve selected your new squadmate, you can go to them and click ‘Recruit ‘to send the offer. After that, if the players accept your offer, you can revive them and, they can join your squad. 

How to recruit enemies to your team in PUBG New State?

Here is a quick look at how to recruit enemies to your squad in PUBG New State. The process is fairly simple, and all you have to do is follow the steps below. 

  • Firstly, open the PUBG New State mobile app to your smartphone
  • Now, go to the battle royale mode and select duo/squad modes
  • Make sure you have not selected solo matches (players cannot add members in solo mode)
  • Once you’re inside the match, look for players who can join your team
  • Knock them out and wait for a recruit button to appear on the player
  • Now, revive the player and tap on the recruit button. 
  • Once the player accepts your invitation, he/she will be added to your squad. 

To successfully recruit new members to your squad, you need to make sure your other teammates are eliminated. The feature won’t work if all of your squadmates are alive inside the game. Furthermore, the recruit won’t be able to contact his previous squad after joining you. 

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