PUBG 15.1 update brings Kakao Friends Christmas event, mountain bike, and more

  • PUBG 15.1 update brings Kakao Friends Christmas Event for all the players. 
  • The 15.1 update fixes gun balance for P90, shotguns, LMGS, SMGS, and AUG.
  • PUBG 15.1 update is available for the PC version of the game.

PUBG 15.1 update brings a lot of improvements to the game with newly added events and even a new mountain bike. No, this is not the PUBG: Mobile we are talking about but the PC variant of the same game. The game servers have received the 15.1 update and PUBG PC players can enjoy a bunch of new upgrades, including a new map rotation for Season 15, Mountain Bike vehicle and much more.

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The update also brings in upgrades for weapons like P90, shotguns, LMGS, SMGS, AUG and even a new update for gun magazines capacity. Additionally, players can look forward to better maps, especially for Sanhok and Vikendi. All of that comes with the new update, and you can download PUBG 15.1 Patch Notes via Steam or the official website of PUBG PC.

PUBG 15.1 patch notes: list of features, key updates, and more

PUBG 15.1 update Mountain bike

PUBG 15.1 is the most anticipated update for this year and now that it’s here, players can look up to new challenges, new gaming modes, improvised gun balance and a whole lot of other upgrades to the overall game. Here is a list of all the new features for PUBG 15.1.

PUBG 15.1 update: Kakao Friends event

Perhaps the biggest update from the PUBG 15.1 patch is the new collaboration with Kakao Friends. This event brings a whole lot of new features to the game, including changes to Dinoland, newly added Kakao Friends statues, billboards, and ornaments. Additionally, the event brings in a new Christmas theme for Dinoland, Castle, and Winery. 

PUBG 15.1 update: Map Service Rotation

PUBG announced the new Map Service for 15.1, and it changes a few things in the overall map rotation of the game. According to PUBG, the Taego will remain in the map rotation for Season 15, and Haven will be added to the rotation as a default map. The rotation might stay as default for Season 15. However, PUBG might change the map rotations in the next update. 

PUBG 15.1 update: new Mountain Bike vehicle

PUBG 15.1 update brings a new vehicle to the game. The new Mountain Bike is one of the most-requested items in the game, and upon successful integration, players can find the vehicle as a loot item in its folded state. Players can find the Mountain Bike on the outskirts area of the map, and due to the lack of an engine, the bike doesn’t make any noise while accelerating. 

PUBG 15.1 update: Weapon Balance Settings

The new update also brings in new and improved Weapon Balance Settings. The in-game weapons have new features, including long-range shooting, recoil changes, increased ADS deviation and more. 


  • Increased recoil
  • Increased ADS deviation on full-auto burst
  • Lowered Care package ammo from 250 -> 200 bullets


  • Increased damage drop-off range 
  • Increased hit probability (short range)
  • Increased Sawed-Off damage by 1 percent
  • Decreased Sawed-Off pellet spread


  • Reduced recoil (crouch and stand)
  • Increased Body Damage to 1.05
  • Increased M249 damage by 1 percent
  • Increased MG3 damage by 2 percent
  • Decreased recoil MG3


  • Increased Head damage To 2.1
  • Increased PP-19 Bizon accuracy (auto)
  • Decreased UMP45 damage (long-range)
  • Decreased UMP45 accuracy (ADS auto)


  • Increased damage by 1 percent
  • Increased damage drop-off range

Magazine Balance

  • New default magazine capacity: 30 bullets
  • QuickDraw magazine capacity: 30 bullets, and 60 percent faster reload
  • Extended magazine capacity: 42 bullets
  • Extended quickdraw magazine capacity: 40 bullets, and 15 percent faster reload

PUBG 15.1 update: changes in Sanhok

In the new PUBG 15.1 update, Sanhok will feature a Bootcamp for players who want a dynamic gameplay experience. According to PUBG, the last Bootcamp didn’t receive appreciation because it was too crowded and complex for desirable tactical plays. Therefore, the new Bootcamp will undergo a complete transformation, including a new central tower, new angels, layouts, buildings, and better open spaces. 

The space between the second and third floors have been reduced to narrow down players taking advantage of the third floor. The update made a whole lot of changes to windows, making them less wide, giving less view to the player standing on the second and third floors. The watchtowers have been moved to both north and south. This will help players focus on the battle and not the watchtowers.

PUBG 15.1 update: Ranked Season 15

Season 14 is coming to an end, and now it’s time to redeem the prizes for Season 15. The rewards for Season 14 will be automatically added to your game inventory. Here is a list of prizes you’ll be getting based on your Season 14 rank.

TierReward List
BronzeBronze PUBG ID Emblem
SilverSilver PUBG ID Emblem
Gold PUBG ID Emblem/Ranked Parachute Skin
Animated Platinum PUBG ID Emblem/Ranked Parachute Skin
Animated Diamond PUBG ID Emblem/Ranked Parachute Skin
Animated Master PUBG ID Emblem/Animated Master Nameplate/Ranked Parachute Skin
Top 500
(Bonus rewards for Top 500 players)/Animated Top 500 PUBG ID Emblem/Animated Top 500 Nameplate
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