Qualcomm Has Successfully Tested 5G for the First Time on a Smartphone

On: October 17, 2017

Qualcomm is taking new leaps towards its goal of achieving 5G as the brand announced that it has successfully tested 5G connection on a mobile device. This was achieved using the X50 5G modem by Qualcomm which was launched last year. The chipset manufacturer has also announced a new 5G smartphone reference design which will be used to test such 5G modems in the future.

The 5G test was carried out on the 28GHz mm wave frequency band. In the first test, the 5G modem achieved an average speed of around 1Gbps. However, Qualcomm says that the speed can reach up to 5Gbps once the 5G deployment is fully done. It will be interesting to witness such meteoric speeds on smartphones.

Check out this video Qualcomm officially posted:

Talking of the 5G reference smartphone, it will be helpful for companies in testing 5G modems, networks and radios. Smartphone makers can also avail this design to aid their development of 5G-compatible smartphones, which they are looking forward to launch in early 2019.

This reference phone is 9mm thick and comes with a bezel-less design, keeping up with the current trend of most smartphones. The X50 modem works perfectly in this design as Qualcomm has also built a new millimeter wave antenna to support it. The company claims that it can try and fit two such antennas in smartphones. Although this is the smallest millimeter wave design currently, Qualcomm aims to reduce it by about 50% more by next year.

It is exciting to see developments happen on the 5G front. If all goes as per schedule, we might get to use 5G network as early as 2019.

Aditya Mohanty

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