Qualcomm Unveils List of Smartphones that Feature QuickCharge 4.0

Dash Charge technology developed by OnePlus followed by VOOC charging by Oppo currently lead in terms of charging times, but this might change with Quick Charge 4.0. This upcoming charging technology is developed by Qualcomm. Currently, most smartphones available on the market do come with some sort of quick charging technology inbuilt. Quick Charge 2.0  is one of the more common ones found.With smartphones eliminating bezels for bigger screens with higher resolution panels, it becomes almost as important to integrate a bigger battery. Most companies are also trying to fit in more efficient processors in lieu of bigger batteries. Nevertheless, smartphone batteries have grown in capacity up to two-fold over the last couple of years. This, in turn, has increased the charging time required to fill the battery up to a 100%. This is where quick charging comes into play.

Most smartphones are fit with either a Li-ion or a Li-Po battery which is capable of multiple recharge cycles. The charging technologies developed by different companies leverage on charging the phone when it’s at a lower percentage. Li-ion batteries can charge up twice as fast from 0-70% when compared to the last 30%. Quick Charge 4.0 promises to charge up a smartphone’s battery from 0-50% in mere 15 minutes. Qualcomm has also boasted that phones that come with this technology can get up to 5 hours of talk time by charging it for just 5 minutes. Obviously this will vary from device to device and the size of battery that the respective devices ship with, however, it is still a strong claim and we’d love to see it happen.

The San-Diego firm has officially revealed which phones will offer Quick Charge 4.0, however as of the time of writing this article, there is only one device that has been listed – the Razer Phone. That’s right, the first phone to have Qualcomm QC 4.0 is the gaming-centric smartphone built by Razer. To recall, the phone comes with great specifications and a super high resolution display having a 120Hz refresh rate. It also has a 4,000 mAH battery that is fitted underneath its hood. Another device that is likely to make it to the list soon is the nubia Z17 which was launched recently. At its launch, Nubia had touted the phone to come with QC 4.0, however it hasn’t been listed on Qualcomm’s website.

This list will be updated to keep up with more phones that will launch later through this year. Stay tuned as we bring you more such news.

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