Realme 8 series and Realme C series smartphones price hiked by up to Rs 1,500


  • Realme has silently increased the price of its smartphones
  • The devices are available at new prices on the brand’s website as well as online retailers
  • The price hike is also applicable across offline channels

Realme smartphones have quietly received a price hike in India. The list includes as many as 12 phones including the Realme C11 2021, C21, C25s, Realme 8 4G (review), and Realme 8 5G (review). All RAM and storage configurations of the above-mentioned phones have received a price increase. 

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The revised price of the Realme smartphones is reflecting on the brand’s official website as well as e-commerce platforms Amazon and Flipkart. Realme has increased the price of the devices by up to Rs 1,000. Check the old and new prices of the smartphones below. 

Realme smartphones price in India increased 

Realme isn’t the only brand to increase the price of its smartphones. In recent months, Xiaomi, Micromax, and Samsung have also hiked the prices of their smartphones. Take a look at the revised prices in the table below. 

Realme smartphonesOld PriceNew Price
Realme C11 2021 2+32GBRs 6,999Rs 7,299
Realme C11 2021 4+64GBRs 8,499Rs 8,799
Realme C21 3GB+32GBRs 7,999Rs 8,999
Realme C21 4GB+64GBRs 8,999Rs 9,999
Realme C25s 4GB+64GBRs 10,499Rs 10,999
Realme C25s 4GB+128GBRs 11,499Rs 11,999
Realme 8 4G 4GB+128GBRs 14,999Rs 15,999
Realme 8 4G 6GB+128GBRs 15,999Rs 16,999
Realme 8 4G 8GB+128GBRs 16,999Rs 17,999
Realme 8 5G 4GB+64GBRs 13,999Rs 15,499
Realme 8 5G 4GB+128GBRs 14,999Rs 16,499
Realme 8 5G 8GB+128GBRs 16,999Rs 18,499

As seen in the table, the Realme C11 2021 and Realme C25s have received a price hike of Rs 300 and Rs 500 respectively. The Realme C21’s price has been increased by Rs 1,000. Meanwhile, all the RAM and storage configurations of the Realme 8 and Realme 8 5G have become expensive by Rs 1,500. 

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