Realme MagDart magnetic wireless charging lineup announced: 50W charger, 2-in-1 powerbank and more


  • Realme MagDart magnetic wireless charging technology has been announced
  • 50W and 15W MagDart chargers, MagDart Power Bank and Case have been unveiled
  • MagDart Beauty Lite and MagDart Wallet have also been announced

Realme MagDart magnetic wireless charging technology has been launched. The company announced a range of MagDart devices such as 50W MagDart charger, 15W MagDart charger, and MagDart Power Bank with base. It also announced a couple of other accessories such as a MagDart Case, MagDart Beauty Light, and MagDart Wallet.

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Among the seven products announced today, Realme also announced the Realme Flash as the first Android phone with magnetic wireless charging support. The company confirmed that the Realme Flash smartphone is a concept device that was used to showcase the MagDart charging capabilities.

Realme MagDart wireless charging solution launched

Realme MagDart products and Realme Flash

Here is a look at the 7 products announced today

MagDart technology allows users to wirelessly charge a phone or any other device with the built-in magnetic coil at speeds of up to 50W. Since the MagDart charger is also equipped with a magnetic coil, it can snap onto the device while charging.

The 50W MagDart charger by Realme is said to be almost as fast as the 50W SuperDart wired charger. It can fully charge a smartphone like the Realme Flash with a 4,500mAh battery in about 54 minutes. The company claimed that it takes only 5 minutes for a 4,500mAh battery phone to gain 20 percent power. The 50W MagDart charger has a USB Type-C port for connecting a charging cable and a built-in fan for heat dissipation.

The 15W MagDart charger with a thickness of only 3.9mm produces maximum charging speeds of 15W. It takes around 90 minutes to completely charge a 4,500mAh battery phone. It comes with a built-in cable. In order to keep the device cool, the company moved the circuit system to the end of the USB cable.

MagDart Power Bank is a portable device equipped with a magnetic charging module, durable Vegan Leather, and a high-quality aluminium frame. It features a special charging base which allows the smartphone to be charged in a vertical position. Hence, it is a versatile power bank for charging a device at home or while traveling. The company did not mention the charging capabilities of the MagDart Power Bank.

The MagDart Case is a smartphone case with a built-in magnetic charging coil. The company will be releasing a MagDart case designed for Realme GT. It will have a carbon bumper, charging module, and a full-functioning USB Type-C port that can be used to connect a charging cable.

MagDart Beauty Light and MagDart Wallet

The MagDart Beauty Light case features a flip-up light that can be used for photography. There is no battery inside the case, but it relies on the phone’s battery through its reverse charging coil. The Beauty Light is equipped with 60 LEDs and users will have the power to control its brightness and the colour temperature. The MagDart Wallet accessory built with high-quality Vegan Leather features a 3-card pocket and an aluminium foldable kickstand.

Realme only announced the MagDart accessories today. It did not reveal the pricing and availability of the MagDart devices. Hopefully, the company will be revealing more details on the pricing and availability in the future.

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