Realme Watch 3 Review: Perfect Budget Smartwatch Especially for Calling

Realme launched its first smartwatch called the “Realme Watch” in 2020, and two years later, we have its third generation Realme Watch 3. It is the successor to the Realme Watch 2 and flaunts a 1.8-inch large colour display with 240×286 pixels. The smartwatch also comes with continuous SpO2 and heart rate monitoring. Besides that, the Realme Watch 3 is also equipped with built-in speakers and microphones, which enables the Bluetooth calling facility directly from the smartwatch. 

But should you spend your hard-earned money on this smartwatch? If you’re also not sure, then stay with us through this article to find out the fact.


The Realme Watch 3 looks premium and elegant with its metallic frame and curved rear cover. It has a 1.8-inch 2.5D curved display, which looks beautiful and comfortable on the wrist. It sports a lightweight body (40g) and soft detachable 22mm silicone straps. In terms of durability, the smartwatch is IP68 rated, which means it should be resistant to water damage.

The square dial features noticeably larger bezels on all sides. However, the big display on the Realme Watch 3 compensates for the big bezels. On the right side of the dial, you will see a single multi-purpose physical button which allows you to access settings and go back to the homepage. Along with that, you will also notice a tiny microphone. You will have a speaker on the other side of the dial, which blends quite well with the smartwatch’s design.


The Realme Watch 3 boasts a beautiful 1.8-inch TFT display with a resolution of 240×286 pixels. It has enough real estate to read on-screen information and perform all fitness-related features easily. The 500 nits of peak brightness ensure decent visibility in most lighting situations, making it easy to read notifications, time, and health statistics.

Despite having a TFT LCD display, the colours and viewing angles on the Realme Watch 3 are quite good. Furthermore, the affordable smartwatch lacks an ambient light sensor to keep costs down. That implies you’ll have to adjust the brightness level based on your surroundings manually.

Software and Realme Link app

The Realme Watch 3 is powered by a custom-built operating system, and it’s compatible with Android and iOS through its companion Realme Link app. Through a simple swipe left, you can know your activity data, notifications, and more. The watch also let’s you customise the look and feel and you have the option to choose from 100+ watch faces from the Realme Link app. However, the watch itself can also store up to 4 watch faces which users can change by simply holding the watch face and swiping.

The best part about the Realme Watch 3 is that you can dial a call directly from the watch. You will get multiple options such as call history, frequent contacts, and Dialpad. This feature becomes super convenient while driving a car or riding a scooter. Besides that the UI on the watch is quite smooth, and I didn’t notice any lag or delay while scrolling through the menu or notifications.

The Realme Link app that connects your watch with your smartphone. The app is simple to use. Through this app, you can easily find details of all your activity and health data. The app also has few customisation options, which work well. We didn’t face any issues while connecting the watch with our mobile or with the data synchronisation. The only thing that this smartwatch lacks is the ability to reply to messages.

Fitness and health tracking

The Realme Watch 3 can be considered a fitness-centric smartwatch. The watch has 110+ sports modes, including outdoor running, yoga, cycling, golf, boxing, and more. Along with that, the watch is also capable of all-day heart rate monitoring. It can also track your SpO2 and stress levels 24/7. In my normal day-to-day usage, I found the health tracking fairly accurate. The watch also tracks your sleep, which works fine, in my opinion. Much like the other smartwatches in this price segment, the Realme Watch 3 also has the option to remind you to drink water regularly.

Battery Life

Realme claims to offer a battery life of up to 7 days. We have been using this watch for a while now and feel that it would be able to deliver 5 to 6 days easily on a single charge. This is with the smartphone connected to the watch and notifications and continuous heart rate monitoring on.


At its asking price of Rs 3,499, the Realme Watch 3 is a value-for-money smartwatch. It has an elegant design, features a simple user interface, plenty of workout modes, good battery life, and most importantly, offers an amazing Bluetooth calling facility. So if you are on a budget and looking for a simple smartwatch with calling capabilities, then you should go with the new Realme Watch 3.

Pricebaba’s rating: 8 / 10

What works:

– Built-in Speakers and microphone
– Bluetooth calling
– Big and bright display
– Lightweight

What doesn’t:

– Lacks built-in GPS
– Can not reply to messages

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