Renault and Vitesco unveil new ‘One Box’ solution for EVs and hybrids


  • One Box brings together an on board charger, inverter, and a DC-DC converter
  • Vitesco will also supply power electronics for Renault’s hybrid cars
  • First automobiles featuring the One Box solution could arrive in 2026

French car manufacturer Renault has teamed up with automotive powertrain and drivetrain supplier, Vitesco for a “One Box” solution meant for hybrid and all-electric vehicles. The electronic unit would include a DC-DC converter, an On Board Charger (OBC), and an inverter.

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Currently a concept, One Box will also allow manufacturers to improve compactness by up to 45% in their automobiles. This translates to more space for passengers and consequently, better comfort. The development platform teams will function out of Toulouse, France, the two companies said in a joint release.

“Together, we will design and develop a state-of-the-art ‘One Box’, unique on the market, which will be a real competitive advantage. With this strategic partnership, we are also further strengthening our mastery of the electric value chain and reaffirming once again our determination to anchor our technological and industrial developments for the electric vehicle in France,” Renault Group’s  EVP of Engineering, Gilles Le Borgne said.

The first hybrids and EVs with the One Box solution will arrive in 2026

Renault said EVs and hybrids featuring the new One Box solution will hit the markets in 2026 under the company’s high-voltage core range of vehicles. The manufacturer further said that it wants to move towards assembling One Box across its units in France for “100% electric vehicles.”

Additionally, Renault will award a multi-year contract to Vitesco to supply power electronics for Renault’s portfolio of hybrid cars. Starting in 2025, Vitesco will also be tasked with supplying a “High Voltage Box” — featuring a charger and DC-DC converter — for Renault’s electric vehicles from 2025 onwards.

“With this step, we will not only become a key ally of Renault Group on power electronics, but it is also an important milestone to further strengthen our growth in the field of electrification,” CEO of Vitesco Technologies, Andreas Wolf said.

Source: Renault