Reos Lite Review: Mood Lighting Has Become Smart & Affordable

We all have been hearing the fancy term — Internet of Things or simply IoT for some time now. In case you aren’t familiar with it or its working, IoT is the network of interconnected devices. Nevertheless, what defines IoT devices? It’s a vast field with endless possibilities; something that makes devices smarter beyond what’s normally expected of them. When it comes to playing around some of the affordable IoT solutions, smart bulbs top the list.


Philips’ Hue internet-enabled smart LED bulb is around for over a year now. However, Phillips Hue is just too expensive at around Rs 15,000 for what it does. There comes into the picture Cube26’s Reos Lite, a smartphone-controlled, Bluetooth enabled Smart Bulb.

As far as the design is concerned, Reos Lite flaunts a unique bulky design at the top which makes it heavier than traditional bulbs at home. It comes bundled with a bulb holder which comes at no additional cost.

Setting up Reos Lite is easy. All you need to do is plug the bulb into the socket and turn it on. It’s way too bright when turned on initially which makes it nearly impossible to look at the bulb. Hence, you have to be careful. You can manually adjust the brightness using a Reos Lite mobile app which is available for both, Android and iOS.

It should be noted that Reos Lite works only with smartphones based on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and above or iOS 7.0 and above. The app, once installed, consists a bunch of options to play with.

As soon as you start the app, your device’s Bluetooth will be enabled so that it can search and connect the Reos Lite. Once the connection is established, you’ll come across a colour palette to choose a colour and adjust the brightness. That aside, you can also pick a colour from some image stored in your phone’s gallery. You can also take a photo and pick the colour you want from it.


Additionally, there are a few modes that come pre-configured within the app i.e. Reading mode, Christmas mode, candle, and more. These modes illuminate their corresponding colours to play with. If you aren’t happy with preinstalled modes, you can also create your own. I created one called 911 which flickers red and blue colours, resembling emergency lighting on police vehicles.

You can also set alarms and timers to switch the bulb on or off at specified time. Receiving WhatsApp notifications on Reos Lite is merely a few taps away. Notifications can be enabled for not only WhatsApp but also YouTube, Facebook, Uber, calls, SMS, and more.

There’s also another mobile app by Cube26 called Reos Music which synchronizes Reos Lite over music. Meaning, you can now play some songs stored on your device or YouTube using Reos Music and enjoy corresponding colours on the bulb.

As I said already, setting up and using Reos Lite is very easy. If you normally spend most of your time in a home or some small office setup where mood lighting plays its part, Reos Lite makes for a good buy. It’s available for Rs 1,499 on Flipkart at the time of writing this. Go for it!

Tanmay Patange

Associate Editor at Pricebaba, Tanmay is working in the tech writing and content industry since 2011. His experience ranges from writing all thing tech, and sometimes with a pinch of salt. He admires Silicon Valley and HBO Newsroom the most and has a dream of becoming the next Will McAvoy some day. Contact him at