RIL AGM: Jio Cloud PC with power of desktop computer announced


  • Reliance has announced Jio Cloud PC
  • It is said to offer a desktop-level computing experience and eliminate expenses when it comes to PC upgradation
  • The cloud service will work on Jio AirFiber (5G)

At its 2022 Annual General Meeting, Reliance launched Jio Cloud PC. As the name implies, it is a virtual PC that will be hosted using the new Jio AirFiber (5G). Alongside, Reliance also announced its plans to rollout 5G services in India. 

The Jio Cloud PC will be available for both home and business users. The company claimed that the device will offer the power of a desktop computer at an affordable price. 

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Jio Cloud PC: What is it

Reliance hasn’t revealed any key specifications of the Jio Cloud PC. However, from the images, it appears to be a compact box like Apple’s Mac Mini. It has at least four USB ports, an Ethernet port, an HDMI port, and a headphone jack. According to the company, the device will allow users to use the virtual PC hosted in the cloud via the Jio AirFiber service. Reliance is also targeting mainstream personal computers with the Jio Cloud PC. It claimed that people won’t need to purchase computer hardware and upgrade it from time to time to keep up with technological changes. This will also help PC users from saving money. 

A Cloud PC works by processing data on the company’s server. In simpler terms, the Jio Cloud PC will be a virtualisation service that will provide a full-blown desktop experience. The operating system is also expected to be optimised for input devices such as keyboard, touchscreen and mouse for a seamless desktop experience. 

Jio Cloud PC pricing and availability

Reliance hasn’t revealed the pricing and availability details of the Cloud PC. The company said that it doesn’t require any upfront investment and a user needs to pay only to the extent used. It is likely that the service will be rolled out after the rollout of 5G services. 

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