Kantara 2 in the works? This is what Hombale Films has to say about Rishab Shetty’s film


  • Kantara, the 2022 Kannada language action thriller film, proved to be a blockbuster hit
  • Fans have been wanting a second part of the movie
  • Kantara 2 is now confirmed, but it will be a prequel to the film

Kantara, the Kannada language 2022 movie, impressed moviegoers. The appreciation the film received has been unprecedented. Rishab Shetty’s film was made on a budget of Rs. 16 crores and was a big success at the box office and went on to collect Rs. 450 crores at the box office. The movie is available on the OTT streaming platform Amazon Prime Video, in Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil. To watch it in Hindi, you will have to head over to Netflix. The ardent fans of the film want more of it. And if cinema enthusiasts want more of Kantara, then that is exactly what they will get. Read along to learn a big development about ‘Kantara 2’.

Kantara 2: The big news

Hombale Films, the production company involved in the making of the megahit film Kantara have confirmed that Kantara 2 is indeed happening. According to reports, writer, director and actor of Kantara, Rishab Shetty, is already scripting the movie. This is the latest development for all the Kantara fans out there.

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Kantara Varaha Roopam song


What We Know So Far About Kantara 2

Reports peg Kantara 2 will not be a sequel to Kantara, but it will be a prequel to the film. The story of the prequel will delve into the backstory of the folklore and the deity. And also explore the deal the deity and the regional kind made, reportedly. Rishab Shetty is already working on Kantara 2′ story. Since it is a prequel, whether or not the actor will star in the film is not confirmed yet. But the development that one more instalment of the film is in the pipeline is absolutely joyous news. Reports also suggest the prequel will go on floors in June 2023. Given the success of Kantara, the movie makers are planning Kantara 2 to be a PAN India film. It is being said that it will release sometime in April or May 2024.