Roundup: 5 Key Announcements At ‘Google For India’ Event

Yesterday, Google had the second ‘Google for India’ event scheduled in New Delhi where it made a slew of exciting announcements. The event, after all, was all about bringing more Indians online by offering free access to public Wi-Fi and localizing the existing services. Google believes that the Internet population in India has been growing exponentially. Keeping that in mind, Google came up with several upgrades, platforms, and access programs to strengthen India’s foothold in terms of the modern-day Internet penetration. In this article, we will look at everything Google announced at yesterday’s event.


1) YouTube Go

Google launched YouTube Go, first of its kind YouTube app that allows you to preview videos before watching or saving them to your device. All you have to do is tap on a video thumbnail for a quick preview, which helps you decide if you actually want to download the video. The app has also made it possible for users to share videos with other users without connecting to the Internet. YouTube Go will initially be available only in India. In case you are eager to try it out, sign up here to know the availability.

2) Google News Lite Mode

Google News and Weather app includes ‘Lite Mode’ starting this week, a feature which is aimed at users with slower Internet connections or limited bandwidth. According to Google, this will consume less than one-third the data by sticking to headlines and cutting down onto components that are not essential.

3) Google Station

Google announced Google Station, an initiative that makes it easier for the company partners to roll out public Wi-Fi hotspots. Last year, Google partnered Indian Railways and RailTel for offering Wi-Fi across 400 railway stations. Currently, there are over 50 stations that leverage Internet access under Google’s initiative.

4) Allo in Hindi

Google’s attempt to localize Allo, a new smart messaging app will start making sense some time later this year. As a result, Google is also rolling out the assistant in Hindi. Meaning, the “Smart Replies” feature will suggest you responses in Hindi.

5) Chrome for mobile / Google Play

As a part of this announcement, Chrome now features an expanded Data Saver mode in order to reduce the data consumption on Android mobile devices, computers, and Chromebooks. It will bring support for MP4 videos for data saving up to 67%. Chrome on Android will now be able to figure out automatically if you are connected to 2G-like networks and accordingly web pages will be optimized.

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