Samsonite EVOA Tech smart suitcase with Pansonic Seekit Bluetooth tracker announced

On: August 30, 2019

Samsonite has launched a new smart suitcase in the Indian market, the EVOA Tech. The brand has partnered with Panasonic to equip the suitcase with the Seekit Bluetooth Tracker, that can prompt, track and raise an alarm if the luggage is misplaced. It houses up to 14 functions which are based on Bluetooth v5.0.

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Samsonite EVOA Tech Smart Luggage: specifications and features

The Seekit tracker features a Separation Indicator that helps in letting users know when the suitcase is around, and notifying them if it is separated from them. Consumers can also find their smartphones with the Bi-directional Tracking feature of the tracker. With Proximity Guidance, the tracker guides users towards the luggage, while Find My Luggage works to help them identify their Samsonite baggage. All that needs to be done is press the buzz button the app.

Moreover, the Seekit tracker also houses a selfie button, which lets users capture selfies while travelling. If the button on the tracker is pressed thrice, an SOS alert with the user’s GPS location is sent automatically to three chosen contacts. The app supports various languages like English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Additionally, the 3-in-1 Smart Lock works as a TSA-approved fingerprint sensor, which can record up to ten fingerprints, allowing the suitcase to be used by friends and family. The smart lock also includes a 3-digit dial lock and USB port. The product is further laced with a weighing scale integrated into the side carry handle. The display direction can be reversed by clicking a button, so that it can be viewed easily.

The USB port can be used for charging smartphones. The suitcase boasts of an anti-theft zipper and aero track suspension wheels. The product will be launched in phases in countries like India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Australia and more. Pricing is yet to be announced.

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