Samsung launches 5 Star Direct Cool single-door refrigerator lineup in India, price starts from Rs 17,999

Samsung has launched a new range of Direct Cool refrigerators in the Indian market today. The range is India’s first five-star Direct Cool single-door lineup and is based upon 2020 Star Ratings. The brand claims that the range has been designed for extra space and sports an H-Bar Chrome Handle design. In addition to this, all the models in this range house Samsung’s base stand drawer that allegedly provides extra storage for non-perishable vegetables. The models are further laced with a floral design to “deliver on aesthetics”. These refrigerators can also be connected to solar power contributing to energy conservation, according to the South Korean manufacturer.

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Samsung 5 Star Direct Cool single-door refrigerator range specifications and features

Samsung 5-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator lineup

The 5 Star offering has a 198L capacity

The five-star Direct Cool single-door range by Samsung has been touted to have a higher storage capacity against its counterparts. To add to the aesthetic value of this range, the models have been launched in Paradise Bloom, New Camellia, Wave and Mystic Overlay designs. This 198 Litre lineup is also the first in India to feature a crown design along with the H-bar Chrome handle.

Furthermore, the range is equipped with a compressor that utilizes digital inverter technology and solar power compatibility. Due to the digital inverter technology, the refrigerator will be able to derive power from home inverters in case of a power outage. Samsungs states that this range adheres to the latest BEE guidelines and regulations and offers a higher cost-saving potential than its competitors.  The new lineup comes with a 10-year warranty on the compressor as well.

Samsung 5 Star Direct Cool single-door refrigerator range price and availability

The lineup will be available for buying from January 15th, 2020 in all retail stores and Samsung shops. The range starts from Rs 17,999.

Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business at Samsung India said at the launch, “With the latest BEE norms coming into effect, we expect consumer focus to further shift towards energy-efficient products. We are launching India’s first five-star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 198 litre lineup based on the new 2020 Star Ratings. The new refrigerators also come equipped with ‘Make for India’ features to address the needs of Indian consumers. At Samsung, we listen to our customers and develop meaningful innovations that make their lives better.”

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