Samsung AX32 and AX46 Air Purifiers Arrives in India: Features, Price, and Availability


  • Samsung has launched two new air purifiers called the AX32 and AX46 in India
  • It is available in Beige and Grey colour options
  • The AX46 costs Rs 32,990 and the AX32 costs Rs 12,990

We live in a polluted world, and if you are worried about the air quality in your room and thinking about getting a new air purifier. Samsung is at your rescue. The South Korean conglomerate has introduced two new air purifiers in India called the AX32 and AX46.

The latest models cover a larger area, making them ideal for master bedrooms, fitness studios, hospital rooms, and other large places. Both the models come with a ‘one-button’ control that removes 99.97% ultrafine dust, allergens and nano-sized particles. Samsung also stated that these air purifiers are efficient against hazardous volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde.

samsung air purifier

Samsung AX46 Air Purifier

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of AX46 is 467 cubic meters per hour. The Samsung AX46 is ideal for larger environments, thanks to its multi-layered 3D purification system, precision monitoring, SmartThings App, and coverage area of up to 645 square feet.

It has a laser PM (particulate matter) 1.0 sensor that detects air quality in real-time, as well as a washable Pre-Filter designed to extract larger dust particles and an Activated Carbon Deodorization Filter that aids in the removal of harmful gasses, and a PM 2.5 Filter that captures up to 99.97% of ultrafine dust, viruses, and bacteria.

Samsung AX32 Air Purifier

The AX32 uses a multi-layered high-efficiency purification system to keep the room air pure, with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 320 cubic meters per hour and a coverage area of 356 square feet. It’s ideal for small spaces like a study, guest bedroom, or office cabin.

It has a washable Pre-Filter for bigger dust particles, an Activated Carbon Deodorization Filter for removing hazardous gasses, and an Anti-Bacterial (Zinc Oxide) Dust Collecting Filter for capturing up to 99.97% of ultra-fine dust and bacteria.

Price & Availability

Samsung’s AX46 and AX32 air purifiers will be available in Beige and Grey colours on, Samsung exclusive stores, and top consumer electronics stores for Rs 32,990 and Rs 12,990, respectively.

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