After Apple, Samsung will reportedly not bundle chargers with some phones in 2021

On: July 9, 2020

A recent report claimed that Apple would ditch the charging adapter from the retail boxes of the iPhone 12 line-up. The brand will reportedly include only a charging cable in the box, and buyers will need to purchase a 20W fast charging adapter separately. Now, if the latest report is to be believed, Samsung might take the same route in future.

The latest report comes from ETNews, a South Korean publication. According to the report, some Samsung phones next year may not ship with a charger in the box. With two major brands heading towards this direction, we can expect more companies to follow in their footsteps and ditch in-box chargers in the future.

Samsung will reportedly not offer charger with future smartphones

Samsung will start excluding charger from future Galaxy smartphones

Samsung will start excluding charger from future Galaxy smartphones

According to the report, the move comes in as a cost-cutting measure for the South Korean brand just like Apple. Samsung reportedly ships hundreds of millions of smartphone every calendar year and dropping the charger from even half of its Galaxy line-up will result in some serious cost reduction for the brand. The move will allow Samsung to price all of its smartphones aggressively and compete better in price-conscious markets like India.

As per the source, while the South Korean giant is in the process of deciding on excluding the charger from the retail packaging of some of its offering, it’s not exactly known which phones will be part of this move. It could be the flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series or the mid-range Galaxy A and Galaxy M series offerings.

We can expect Samsung to sell chargers as official accessories for those who don’t already have an adapter. As of now, it’s not sure when and if the company will start excluding the charger from its retail packaging.


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