Samsung is working on a clamshell foldable phone

On: October 30, 2019

Despite the Galaxy Fold getting off to a rocky start, Samsung appears to have greater plans based on the concept. The South Korean tech giant has teased a new smartphone concept with a clamshell design at its ongoing annual Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2019. In the teaser video showcased at the event, the concept smartphone can be seen opening vertically to reveal its final form. Samsung is yet to make an official statement, but a spokesperson confirmed it is “developing an advanced foldable form factor and introducing a new foldable smartphone soon.”

Samsung’s next foldable device will feature a clamshell design

Samsung has posted a video on YouTube titled “A New Form Factor for Foldable Smartphones.” The video starts off with a refresher course on the interface of the existing Galaxy Fold, and moves on to tease the UI on the clamshell device. Samsung also offers a side view of the device to show that the UI works just fine on the retracted display. Evidently, Samsung is quite confident about the clamshell design. 

Previous reports claimed that the next foldable smartphone from Samsung is codenamed as ‘Bloom’. The model number of the device is said to be SM-F700F. Leaked battery information also hinted at a clamshell form factor. The second foldable phone from the brand is expected to be cheaper than the Galaxy Fold. 

Although details are scarce, the upcoming smartphone is rumored to flaunt a 6.7-inch foldable display alongside a 1-inch cover display, which will showcase minimal information when the device is folded. The smartphone is expected to feature 256GB of native storage and arrive in three color variants, including purple, black and white.

The first generation of the Galaxy Fold hit global markets back in September 2019, after months of delay. The device ran into multiple technical snags back in April when Samsung gave media early access. The common issues were a defective hinge and display failure when the screen’s protective film was removed. Samsung delayed the launch to iron out the glitches.

Smartphone giants like Huawei and Samsung have been trying to develop high-end devices that work like a tablet but fit inside the pocket. However, designing a foldable display has proved to be a monumental challenge for the engineers. 

Anvinraj Valiyathara

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