Samsung is Reportedly Readying a Clamshell Phone with a 6.7-inch Flexible Display

On: June 26, 2019

2019 has been the year of foldable displays. Manufacturers have showcased a slew of foldable devices in events like MWC, however, only some of them are hitting the production line. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was announced earlier this year. Unfortunately, the device earned the wrath of reviewers for too many flaws and a display that would break too easily.

Samsung has fixed the issues on the Galaxy Fold and is expected to launch the same next month. Now it seems like the Galaxy Fold is not the only device with a flexible display in Samsung’s arsenal. Samsung is working on a foldable design that is expected to resemble clamshell phones. The new smartphone will not come with two displays. Instead, it will feature a vertically foldable display that will be 6.7-inches in size when unfolded.

The report also mentions that the foldable phone is due to be released in 2020. As compared to the Galaxy Fold, this device will be relatively cheap and will come with a single vertical bend in the middle. The upcoming smartphone will be much more compact than the Galaxy Fold and will come fitted with a 1-inch outer display that shows limited information.

As of now thats all we know about the device. It seems like Samsung is striving hard to perfect the art of mass producing foldable display and who knows in the near future the flexible displays might become the norm.