Samsung Commences Pre-Order for Neo QLED TVs 2023 Lineup


  • Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED TVs are now available for pre-order in India with Early Order offers until May 3, 2023, online and in stores.
  • The Neo QLED TV range promises an immersive viewing experience with exceptional picture and sound quality and smart features, contributing to the trend of immersive 8K content.
  • Pre-orders for 50-inch and 55-inch Neo QLED TVs cost INR 5,000 with INR 10,000 off the final purchase, while 65-inch models cost the same with INR 15,000 off.


In recent developments, Samsung’s latest lineup of premium Neo QLED TVs for 2023 was launched at CES in January, and now it’s coming to India. From April 21 to May 03, 2023, customers can place pre-orders for the Neo QLED TVs and take advantage of the Early Order offer at major electronics stores or online on, Amazon, and Flipkart.

By placing an early order, customers can enjoy exciting launch offers. For instance, consumers who make an advance booking for 50-inch and 55-inch Neo QLED TVs can pay INR 5,000 and receive INR 10,000 off on their final purchase. Those who opt for the 65-inch Neo QLED TVs, including 8K TVs, can pre-order them for INR 5,000 and get a discount of INR 15,000 on the final purchase.

The Ultimate Immersive Experience

The new Neo QLED TV range aims to deliver a spectacular viewing experience, designed to fit consumers’ modern lifestyles for every occasion. The TV promises to provide an immersive content viewing experience with exceptional picture and sound quality, taking smart living to the next level. Moreover, these fresh TVs come with advanced features, including PANTONE validation, Auto HDR Remastering, built-in IoT Hub with Calm Onboarding, and IoT-enabled sensors for light, camera, sound, and more. 

Furthermore, these smart and intelligent features contribute to the growing trend of immersive 8K content, making Samsung TVs a one-stop hub for unlimited entertainment, device control, gaming, and more.