Samsung’s Curd Maestro refrigerator can make curd in 5 hours

Samsung has introduced Curd Maestro refrigerator that is the first of its kind. As the name suggests, the fridge can prepare curd. Furthermore, the brand has announced India’s first frost-free refrigerator with a base stand drawer in which consumers can store onions, potatoes and other items. The country’s first Direct Cool single-door offering based on 2020 star ratings has also been introduced.

Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business at Samsung India said, “At Samsung, we believe in meaningful innovations that transform lives of people. Convenience, storage space and energy efficiency are the key features consumers look for in a refrigerator, and our 2020 range addresses all these needs. We are confident the new range of refrigerators will further strengthen our market leadership in the refrigerator category.”

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Samsung Curd Maestro and 2020 refrigerator line-up: specifications and features

Samsung’s new refrigerator can ferment and store curd

The Curd Maestro can prepare soft curd within five hours and thick curd in six hours. Consumers would need to boil and cool the milk while the refrigerator will perform fermentation. This refrigerator is also equipped with Samsung’s Smart Convertible 5-in-1 Twin Cooling technology. It features five modes – Normal, Extra Shopping, Vacation, Seasonal, and Home Alone. These modes are energy-efficient, while the Twin Cooling Plus function averts odour. This refrigerator has been launched in three capacities – 244 litres, 265 litres and 336 litres.

The frost-free refrigerator with base stand drawer has been introduced in new patterns called Paradise Bloom and Wave. This offering allows users to store non-perishable food items in the base stand drawer while it carries a total capacity of 253 litres. The single-door Direct Cool offering by Samsung features a five-star energy rating and a capacity of 198 litres. With Digital Inverter Technology, the appliance can connect to the home inverter in case of a power outing. All of the models in the 2020 refrigerator line-up by Samsung play host to a next-gen Horizontal Curve Door design along with the GARO handle.

Samsung Curd Maestro and 2020 refrigerator line-up: price and availability

Samsung’s 2020 line-up of refrigerators sports various patterns including Paradise Bloom, New Camellia, Wave and Premium Steel. The Curd Maestro models are priced between Rs 30,990 and Rs 45,990. On the other hand, the single-door offering costs Rs 17,990. These models are available on the Samsung Shop and all retail channels.

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