Samsung to Remotely Deactivate Galaxy Note 7 Devices

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 over a month back expecting it to take on flagships but the with phone exploding, Samsung is literally in fire-fighting mode. There have been lots of announcements with respect to the smartphone in recent times.


There has been a notice from the FAA urging users to stop using their phones and switching it off. The DGCA (Director General Of Civil Aviation, India) had issued a notice thereby not allowing the Note 7 as check-in luggage. Existing users are also asked to switch their smartphones for the entire duration of their flight. The Korean manufacturer has issued a recall for its product and is actively replacing it. In the UK, Note 7 users can replace it with a Galaxy S7 or an S7 Edge with the difference refunded. These users also have an option of a Samung J series loaner phone till their replacements arrive.

With the ongoing recall, Samsung is pulling back every Note 7 ever shipped. Now as per a redditor LimboJr, Samsung mentioned that they will be deactivating Note 7 phones to curb the issue. The smartphone maker has plans to deactivate all affected smartphones by Sept 30. For users who haven’t returned the smartphone, the update might just turn it into one expensive paperweight.

In India, the launch of the Note 7 has been delayed in wake of the exploding issue reported worldwide. Samsung has also stopped taking pre-orders for the smartphone in India. Consumers who have already pre-booked the device in India will be offered a GearVR headset and Oculus content worth Rs 3300 for free.

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