Samsung will provide 4 years of security updates to select Galaxy devices: here’s the full list


  • Samsung is now offering four years of security updates for its devices
  • Over 130 devices from 2019 to the present are eligible
  • List of eligible devices has been released

Samsung has announced that it will offer a minimum of four years of regular security updates for Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Previously, the South Korean company provided security updates on a monthly or quarterly basis for three years in the lifespan of a device. In recent months, Samsung has made efforts to increase the speed and frequency of its software updates. And now by extending the security updates period to four years, users of Galaxy devices can have peace of mind when it comes to data security.

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Now Galaxy smartphones and tablets dating back to 2019 are eligible to receive four years of security updates. It is important to note that the company is not guaranteeing monthly or quarterly security updates for all the devices. Samsung is known for offering monthly security updates in the initial two years. In the third year, devices were provided with quarterly security updates.

List of Galaxy devices that are eligible for four years of security updates


Here is the list of over 130 eligible devices across series like Galaxy Foldable, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A, Galaxy M, Galaxy XCover, and Galaxy Tab:

Galaxy Foldable devices

  • Galaxy Fold
  • Galaxy Fold 5G
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Galaxy Z Flip
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Galaxy S series

  • Galaxy S10
  • Galaxy S10+
  • Galaxy S10e
  • Galaxy S10 5G
  • Galaxy S10 Lite
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 5G
  • Galaxy S20+
  • Galaxy S20+ 5G
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
  • Galaxy S20 FE
  • Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  • Galaxy S21 5G
  • Galaxy S21+ 5G
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Galaxy Note series

  • Galaxy Note 10
  • Galaxy Note 10 5G
  • Galaxy Note 10+
  • Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
  • Galaxy Note 10 Lite
  • Galaxy Note 20
  • Galaxy Note 20 5G
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Galaxy A series

  • Galaxy A10
  • Galaxy A10ee
  • Galaxy A10s
  • Galaxy A20
  • Galaxy A20s
  • Galaxy A20
  • Galaxy A30s
  • Galaxy A40
  • Galaxy A50
  • Galaxy A50s
  • Galaxy A60
  • Galaxy A70
  • Galaxy A80
  • Galaxy A90 5G
  • Galaxy A11
  • Galaxy A21
  • Galaxy A21s
  • Galaxy A31
  • Galaxy A41
  • Galaxy A51
  • Galaxy A51 5G
  • Galaxy A71
  • Galaxy A71 5G
  • Galaxy A02s
  • Galaxy A12
  • Galaxy A32 5G
  • Galaxy A42 5G

Galaxy M series

  • Galaxy M10s
  • Galaxy M20
  • Galaxy M30
  • Galaxy M30s
  • Galaxy M40
  • Galaxy M11
  • Galaxy M12
  • Galaxy M21
  • Galaxy M31
  • Galaxy M31s
  • Galaxy M51

Galaxy X Cover series

  • Galaxy XCover 4s
  • Galaxy XCover Field Pro
  • Galaxy XCover Pro

Galaxy Tab series

  • Galaxy Tab Active Pro
  • Galaxy Tab Active3
  • Galaxy Tab 8 (2019)
  • Galaxy Tab A with S Pen
  • Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (2020)
  • Galaxy Tab A7
  • Galaxy Tab S5e
  • Galaxy Tab S6
  • Galaxy Tab S6 5G
  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
  • Galaxy Tab S7
  • Galaxy Tab S7+

Samsung has not mentioned the Galaxy A02, Galaxy M02, and Galaxy M02s in the list. It is unclear why these devices were not included.

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