Samsung Galaxy A51 was the world’s bestselling Android phone in Q1 2020, Redmi 8 came in second

On: May 14, 2020

Xiaomi and Samsung are not only among the top smartphone brands in India, but globally as well. A new report by Strategy Analytics suggests the same. The report lists the top six best selling Android smartphones during Q1 2020, and interestingly, all six devices are from these two brands.

The list revealed by Strategy Analytics shows the percentage share of the top six Android smartphones in the global market. Samsung has three Galaxy A-series smartphones and one flagship in the list. Xiaomi has two phones in the list, and not surprisingly, both belong to its budget Redmi series.

Top 6 best selling Android smartphones in Q1 2020

The Samsung Galaxy A51 was the best selling smartphone in the Q1 2020

The Samsung Galaxy A51 was the best selling Android smartphone in Q1 2020

The number one best selling Android smartphone globally in Q1 2020 was the Samsung Galaxy A51, which grabbed 2.3 percent market share. According to the report, the smartphone was popular around the world, especially so in Europe and Asia. The Galaxy A51 is followed by the Redmi 8 in second place with a 1.9 percent share. Not surprisingly, the handset found many takers in Asian countries like India and China. The only other Xiaomi offering in the list is the Redmi Note 8, which is placed in the fifth spot with a 1.6 percent share.

The budget Samsung Galaxy A10s sold as many units as the Redmi Note 8, also securing a 1.6 percent share. The Samsung Galaxy A20s is in the sixth spot with a 1.4 percent share. Lastly, making up 1.7 percent of all Android devices sold during Q1 2020, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ is the only flagship in the list, placed at the number three spot.

As is evident from the list, global smartphone sales in Q1 2020 were dominated by budget and mid-range smartphones. To explain this phenomenon, Juha Winter, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics, said, “As mobile operators have reduced subsidies in recent years, and many countries are now tumbling into post-virus recession, smartphone consumers globally are becoming increasingly price-sensitive and they are seeking out new Android models that deliver the biggest bang for their buck.


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