Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone will be called Galaxy Bloom, S11 series to become S20

At CES 2020, Samsung held a closed-door meeting with its partners and carriers. The company is set to unveil the flagship Galaxy S11 series as well as the Galaxy Fold 2 at an Unpacked event on February 11th. At the private meeting, Samsung CEO, DJ Koh confirmed that the company’s second-generation foldable smartphone will be called the Galaxy Bloom. The renders and name of the device were revealed in a blurry image. Additionally, as per previous reports, it was also confirmed at the meeting that the Galaxy S11 would arrive as the Galaxy S20.

The Galaxy Bloom will feature a clamshell design like the Motorola Razr. Koh revealed that the smartphone’s design is inspired by Lancome’s makeup compacts. Unlike the original Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Bloom can be folded vertically. Based on past reports, Samsung will also equip the upcoming device with an ultra-thin glass over its display instead of plastic. The Galaxy Bloom is expected to arrive in 4G and 5G variants. 

Coming to the Galaxy S20, Samsung is dropping the S11 moniker to start the lineup with the beginning of a new decade. The S20 series will include the standard Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra. The camera on the Ultra variant is codenamed as ‘Hubble’ (named after the space telescope) and is expected to sport a 108MP main sensor along with 100x zoom. 

Both the Galaxy Bloom and S20 series are reported to support 8K video recording capability. Samsung is said to be working with Google to enable 8K video streaming on YouTube. The video streaming platform is expected to offer 8K streaming as soon as the Galaxy Bloom and S20 are launched. 

It’s just one month until Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event. We expect more information to crop up in the coming weeks. 


Viraj Gawde

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