Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy Buds could feature unique bean-shaped design

On: April 6, 2020

Samsung had launched the Galaxy Buds+ in February this year. It had the same design as the original Galaxy Buds. Now the South Korean brand is reportedly working on its successor. Roland Quandt of has leaked the renders of the upcoming truly wireless earbuds. The earbuds are reportedly codenamed ‘Bean’. The renders reveal a completely new design, and feature a kidney bean shape. The images are based on sketches and 3D models. It’s worth noting that Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything about its upcoming earbuds.

The new Galaxy Buds are said to feature a compact form factor, measuring 2.8cm in length. The lower half of the buds will be placed inside the ear canal, while the top half will be nestled inside the upper part of the ear. There are two loudspeakers located in the lower portion of earbuds, with one expecting to offer treble and mid-range or lower tones. The Galaxy Buds Beans don’t have silicone tips, suggesting that they won’t offer noise cancellation. 

The report claims that the Galaxy Buds Bean could come with built-in microphones just like the Buds+. There is also an outside channel much like a subwoofer. The upcoming buds are also expected to come with a sensor that detects whether the buds are placed in the ear. The new Galaxy Buds will allow users to answer calls and interact with an AI assistant. Other specifications of the truly wireless earbuds, including battery life is not known.

The Galaxy Buds Bean are reportedly under development and it is possible that the final design might change. The Galaxy Buds Bean could be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series later this year.


Viraj Gawde

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