Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone XI Launch Timelines Revealed

If you are abreast with the tech industry, you would know that Samsung is known for launching its Note series flagship in the month of August, just ahead of Apple’s iPhone launch in September. With most other major flagship launches out of the way for this year, all eyes are now on these two flagships that are due soon. However, if a recent reveal by the popular tipster Evan Blass is to be believed, these launches might have been delayed by a little.

Blass took to Twitter to share a screenshot from Verizon’s marketing calendar. We can see in the screenshot that the Google Pixel 3a was scheduled to launch in May, which has already happened. This leaves little doubt that the screenshot might be the real deal. Further ahead, the calendar reveals that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will break covers sometime around the third week of August. This contradicts the previous leak that Samsung is all set to launch the Note flagship on August 10th. However, there is no word on why the launch has been delayed.

Up next, the marketing calendar reveals the guesstimate launch date for the upcoming Apple iPhone XI. The launch event is positioned on the dotted line separating the month of September and October, which means the next iPhone might arrive towards the end of September. The screenshot also shows the October launch for the Google Pixel 4, which is common knowledge by now.

To put things into a clearer perspective, Apple is known for announcing its iPhones in the second week of September and then releasing them for sale towards the end of the month. Therefore, the calendar might actually be indicating the sale date instead of the actual event. However, at this point, our guess is as good as yours. We will bring more updates as and when these brands officially confirm the dates, so stay tuned.

Abhiman Biswas

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