Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Has a Unique Feature When it Comes to Power Saving

On: August 6, 2016

Samsung may have skipped a number when it announced the Galaxy Note 7 earlier in the month, but by all accounts, the phone is as feature packed as you can imagine. Even though, we have not seen the phone or used it, on paper, it looks like to be the most capable Android phone out there and on good merit. Internally there is everything that made the Galaxy S7 such a winner with the added flavour or stylus and curved display.

Note 7-Power saving Note 7-Power saving-2

However, beyond the aesthetics and powerful inside there is more that Samsung has done, those small things that you really would want to appreciate. According to a screenshot posted by Sammobile, the Power Saving Mode on the Note 7 has been rethought and reworked on from the ground up. By default the device comes with three modes in the Power Saving zone, you have Off, Mid, and Max. As expected, with Power Saving off, the phone runs at full throttle while when it is at mid, the resolution of the phone is dropped to 1080P from Quad-HD, while on the Max setting the resolution is down to 720P in order to save the battery. Not just the screen resolution but the CPU is throttled accordingly in order to save you the power.

If you think you want even more control in your hand, you are afforded that too as the Note 7 has a customisation, where you can manually go ahead and change aspects like the background light or even the background data consumption in the modes that are selected. This gives you even more control as you could perhaps want to run at 720P, but still want a bright display with all the notifications coming in so that you do not miss that e-mail out. We have seen the likes of Apple build these small tiny features that are aimed at user delight. It is nice to see brands like Samsung following them in working towards these tiny add-ons, some that can easily be missed but add a lot of value to the user.

Arpit Verma

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