Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be the most expensive Samsung phone yet, claim reports

On: June 26, 2017

After the successful launch of Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, Samsung is all set to reveal the Galaxy Note 8, its flagship successor to the controversial Note 7. The Galaxy Note 8 will reportedly launch in the second half of September, a bit earlier than expected. It is tipped to be the most expensive Samsung phone yet and come with some high-end specifications.

As per the reports, the Galaxy Note 8 will come with the same infinity display design which the Galaxy S8 sports. It will have a 6.3 inch display with an aspect ratio of 18:5. The fingerprint sensor will also be in the same awkward position as that of S8. The phone will have a 3300mAh battery, slightly lower than the previous Note 7. But, Samsung is allowed to make every battery compromise it wants to keep the battery from exploding.

The new Note 8 is said to have a dual camera setup, with two 12MP sensors in the back. Previously, we revealed some leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy C10, which was supposed to be the first phone by Samsung to sport dual cameras. However, if the Note 8 releases first, it shall become the first dual camera phone by the company.

Performance wise, the Note 8 seems to be a beast. The phone is said to come with 6GB of RAM and have the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Depending upon the market, it can also have Samsung’s own Exynos 8895. Previously, it was said to have the Snapdragon 836, which isn’t announced yet. However, the new reports suggest otherwise.

Reportedly, Samsung will also provide some software upgrades for the Note 8. These updates will make multitasking even more seamless than before. The S Pen will be among the major beneficiaries of these software updates. Samsung will make sure the additional stylus is fully utilized. The Note 8 is reportedly said to have support for DeX, which can turn the phone into a full fledged desktop once connected to a monitor. Galaxy S8 and S8+ already support DeX.

Surprisingly, Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note FE prior to the Note 8. Note FE is nothing but a refurbished variant of the previous year’s Note 7. The thought process behind this strategy seems quite vague and only time will tell whether launching the FE before the Note 8 is a good idea. Samsung spent a fortune correcting its horrendous mistake and building back its reputation. However, bringing the refurbished model back can rekindle people’s memory of the exploding Note 7.

It is said to be priced at EUR 999, which roughly translates to INR 72,100, making it the most expensive Samsung phone yet. For this price, customers would expect perfection in all aspects (especially, a non-explosive battery). Whether it proves to be perfect and worth that money, let’s wait and watch.

Aditya Mohanty

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