Samsung is gearing up for new ‘Superfast’ charging


  • Samsung is working on a new fast-charging technology
  • Recently the company filed a new trademark called the “Samsung Superfast Portable Power.”

Nowadays, almost all smartphones, especially those made by China manufacturers, have support for super-fast charging. It all started with OnePlus‘s 20W Dash Charge technology back in 2016. However, in all these years, Chinese smartphone manufacturers have come a long way. Recently rumours were floating that the upcoming iQOO 11 Pro will have a whopping 200W ultra-fast charging support.

With close attention, we can see that the South Korean giant has not revealed such crazy fast charging technology with their smartphones. Even the latest flagship from the company supports only 45W fast charging.

samsung fast charging

That is about to change, as according to the latest report, Samsung might launch its new fast charging technology called ‘Superfast’ charging. The South Korean giant recently filed a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the name “Samsung Superfast Portable Power.”

According to the recent trademark filing, this technology could be linked to a portable charging adapter built for Samsung’s smartphones and other devices. Although, there’s a strong possibility that this filing could just be related to the charger’s name and have no significance to the new faster-charging technology.

Recently the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ were spotted on 3C certification, which revealed that both the forthcoming smartphones would feature 25W charging support. Besides, the S23 Ultra is expected to feature 45W charging. That’s why we advise users to take all this information lightly, as Samsung has not revealed any official details.

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