Samsung Likely to Launch First Foldable Smartphone with Massive Screen in December This Year

Since several years, Samsung has been working on its foldable smartphone. In September 2017, Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh had said that once it overcomes all the technical problems with its upcoming foldable phone, it will consider launching it in 2018. According to ET News, Samsung is aiming to launch its first foldable smartphone in December this year. The device will be equipped with a very massive display that will allow its users to use it like tablet.

Citing industry sources, the South Korean publication has stated that the first foldable phone from Samsung will be equipped with a 7.3-inch display. In general, it will appear like smartphone with a fold-in design that will let its owners to open it like a notebook and take advantage of its huge screen. Other reports will have revealed that the screen will possess 3D Touch like feature that are found on Apple’s smartphones.

Samsung's foldable phone prototype

Samsung Display will reportedly begin the manufacturing of the foldable OLED displays in March. Its mass production is slated to start later in November. This will possibly allow Samsung to debut its first foldable smartphone in December. If it fails to launch at the end of 2018 for some reason, it may get unveiled in early 2019.

Before doing a global launch, Samsung is rumored to do a private unveiling of its upcoming foldable phone for its investors in September. There is a possibility that the company may use the IFA 2018 platform to showcase it to the investors.

As of this writing, there is no information available on its technical specifications. The rumor mill had speculated that it may arrive in the market with Galaxy X moniker. However, recent reports have revealed that it is some other rugged phone from the company.

What is known about the smartphone is that it will be a “super premium” product that will be priced more than the current premium phones from Samsung. Recent reports have revealed that the upcoming foldable phone from Samsung will be a limited edition phone that will arrive in few numbers in select markets. This strategy will allow the company to check the market response before releasing more smartphones with foldable design in future.

What’s your opinion on Samsung’s forthcoming foldable phone? Will it be a game-changer that will compel other smartphone OEMs to launch foldable phones? Share us your views by adding your comments below.