Samsung patent hints at all-new smartphone notch design

Since last year, smartphone manufacturers have been testing and implementing various ways to provide more screen estate on their devices. One of the most popular ways these days is the waterdrop notch above the screen to house the selfie camera. Punch-hole displays are another popular method phone makers use to provide more screen to their users, and Samsung is one of these brands. The company’s latest flagships, as well as the mid-range devices, utilise the punch-hole design. Now, the South Korean tech giant seems to be testing a new way to provide more screen on its devices.

Samsung could be planning to offer more screen on affordable devices by utilising a new notch

91mobiles has unearthed a patent from Samsung, which shows a notch design that we’ve never seen on a phone yet. As you can see, the phone in the image above has a very subtle cutout on the right of the top bezel. This cutout has a selfie camera and another sensor, which could either be a secondary lens, LED flash, or some other sensor. Thanks to this subtle cutout in the display, the smartphone in the patent is offering a full-screen design. As you can see, the right and left sides as well as the bottom of the smartphone in the patent are considerably slim.

The phone shown in the patent may not turn out to be a commercial device

As mentioned above, Samsung has adopted its punch-hole design called Infinity-O on its latest flagship and mid-range smartphones. So it’s unlikely that the brand will utilise the notch design seen in the patent on these devices, and possibly this design could make it to the brand’s affordable hands. If that is the case, then Samsung phones in the affordable segment will be offering more screen-estate by ditching the waterdrop notch.

It’s worth mentioning that designs in the patents sometimes never make it to commercial devices, so it’s not a guarantee we’ll see this design materialise.


Akshay Kumar

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