Samsung Opera House – Bengaluru Gets a Starbucks, Enhances Youth Experience through Gaming & Connected Living Zones


  • Opera House visitors can now experience Samsung’s entire product ecosystem
  • There are new zones such as Connected Living, Gaming Arena, Audio, Home Theatre & TVs

With a new Starbucks store and exciting technology experiences, Samsung India has revamped the iconic Samsung Opera House in Bengaluru. At Samsung Opera House, consumers can experience Samsung’s complete product ecosystem, including Connected Living, Gaming Arena, Audio, Home Theatre, and Lifestyle TVs, showcasing Samsung’s multi-device connectivity with SmartThings.

 Samsung Southwest Asia’s President and CEO, JongBum Park, and Tata Starbucks’ CEO, Sushant Dash inaugurated the new 70-seater Starbucks outlet during an event at the iconic Samsung Opera House. The event included a coffee-tasting session, a family event, and a musical performance that captivated the audience.

The Samsung Opera House experience centre opened its doors in 2018 as a hub for innovation, lifestyle, entertainment, and culture in Bengaluru. The plaza area hosts events throughout the year.

The Galaxy Experience Center has hosted more than 1,000 events around product experience, consumer engagement, and entertainment, including Galaxy workshops on photography, doodling, video-editing, Ted Talks, fashion shows, baking workshops, movie screenings, among others. During its fourth anniversary celebration, the Opera House hosted a Korean K-fiesta.

The ideal destination for the youth 

This is one of the city’s must-see destinations for Gen Z and millennials seeking exciting tech-enabled experiences and entertainment. In addition to the finest coffee in town, one can immerse themselves in the world of gaming, experience powerful audio at the Home Theatre zone, and even learn some culinary skills at the in-house Chef’s kitchen workshops.

 Now, with the addition of Starbucks, which provides outdoor and indoor seating, Samsung is ready to create a thrilling experience for the youth that they will love! During the British era, the 33,000 sq ft standalone property hosted plays and operas and was restored by Samsung over two years. On the exterior, the building maintains its magnificent original look and feel, while on the inside, a truly immersive experience has been created.