Samsung Launches World’s First QLED 8K TV Range In India, Prices Start At Rs 10,99,900

Samsung has launched the ‘World’s First QLED 8K TV’ at an event in India. The TV is aimed at luxury buyers and is priced starting at a whopping Rs 10,99,900. The highlights of the Samsung QLED 8K include the 8K display panel with AI upscaling, Quantum Processor 8K and Quantum HDR.

The 8K AI Upscaling is powered by the Quantum Processor 8K. The technology will automatically upscale content from various sources like HDMI, USB and the set-top box. In other words, the content will be upscaled to 8K irrespective of the original resolution. While this might work with 4K content, HD and full HD content might look artificial with the upscaling.

Samsung has also included an ambient mode which adds a backlight to the TV frame. This serves two purposes, firstly it will reduce the strain on eyes, and second, it will also add a sense of aesthetics to the TV. Moving on, the remote for the QLED 8K Tv comes baked with Bixby 2.0 and also supports Google Assistant. The TV also comes integrated with Apple’s AirPlay 2 and allows you to directly mirror iOS and macOS devices.

“At Samsung, we’ve worked tirelessly over the years to move the industry forward when it comes to premium picture quality, and the introduction of our QLED 8K line up with 8K AI Upscaling is an integral component as we look to the future of displays. We are thrilled to introduce new QLED 8K TVs that will change the dynamics of ultra-premium televisions and are confident that our consumers will experience nothing short of brilliance in color, clarity, and sound”- Raju Pullan, Senior VP, Business, Samsung India.

The Samsung QLED 8K TV is available in three variants – the 75-inch is priced at Rs 10,99,900, the 82-inch is priced at Rs 16,99,900 while the top of the line 98-inch variant is priced at Rs 59,99,900.

Apart from the QLED 8K range, Samsung has also launched an updated 2019 QLED TV line-up, priced at Rs 3,99,900 for the 65-inch Q90 model, Rs 2,09,900 (55 inch) and Rs 6,49,900 (75 inch) for the Q80 models, Rs 1,69,900 (55 inch) and Rs 2,79,900 (65 inch) for the Q70 models, and Rs 94,900 (43 inch) and Rs 7,49,900 (82 inch) for the Q60 models. These will be available from June 2019.