Samsung to Relaunch the Note 7 in India on October 7th

We know you had marked your calendars for something very different on October 7th, but it looks like the controversial Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be relaunched on the very same day that the iPhone 7 is making its debut in India. Officially, Samsung had announced the Galaxy Note 7 a month or so ago, with the device slated to go on sale in the market early in September. But a series of reports that the battery of the device was exploding surfaced, which delayed the launch as Samsung recalled every device in order to replace it with safer batteries.


Such was the enthusiasm around the device, that right at launch, several people called it the best Android phone out there and patted Samsung for finally having two products in the S7 and Note 7 that would take on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Alas, but none of this was to come to life thanks to this recall. Samsung will go again at it, head to head with their big competitors, launching the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on October 7th.

The report about the same comes from Business Standard yesterday. They also reported that Samsung is already planning a big media campaign around the phone, with huge spends on digital, print and outdoors, very likely. This is very logical too, given that Samsung has already been very aggressive when it comes to marketing their products, and this time they start not from zero but in negative. It would be interesting to see how well can Samsung fight the negative publicity that the Note 7 has received and build that trust back into those who are scarred and scared of using a Samsung phone thinking it will just explode when they put it on charging. It has already come to notice that the interest in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and their pre-bookings have seen a surge with Samsung dropping the ball.


Arpit Verma

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