Samsung rumoured to be working on higher efficiency solid-state batteries

According to an anonymous executive at Samsung, the company is rumoured to be working on next-gen battery technology called as steady-state batteries. These batteries are still in the works and should be expected to ship in its upcoming devices in the next 2 years. Post the Note 7 fiasco which involved the devices’ batteries turning into flames, Samsung is finally trying to address this issue for its future devices.

The majority of batteries present in smartphones at present are Li-ion batteries which have existed in our smart devices for over two decades. Our smartphones’ power requirement has increased multi-fold, which has been provided by higher capacity battery packs. Li-ion batteries have evolved to improve efficiency over time but have still failed to keep their size restricted in context to their increased capacity.

Solid State batteries are all set to take on its predecessor head on by improving capacity, charging time, hold time while keeping their size compact as well. The major difference between conventional Li-ion batteries and the evolving steady state batteries is the electrolyte used. Where liquid electrolyte has been used in Li-ion batteries, steady state batteries will feature a solid electrolyte. This allows the battery to have a greater charge density allowing it to pack in more juice in a smaller package. The only hurdle between deploying this technology at the moment is its cost of production, which is much higher than conventional batteries.

Samsung, together with other popular tech giants are taking up the challenge in developing this technology at an affordable price. We can expect to see these batteries in upcoming phones and smart cars in the following years. This is a step in the right direction and will provide exceptional benefits from the conventional battery together with an increased safety quotient.