Three Unannounced Samsung Tablets Certified by EEC

On: December 26, 2018

Samsung is currently one of the few Android OEMs to still have a decent lineup of tablets. It does not look like the South Korean giant is any mood to exit the tablet market anytime soon as several unannounced Samsung tablets have been spotted on the EEC website.

Samsung SM-T250, SM-T510, and SM-T720 Tablets Have Been Certified by EEC

The Russian certification agency has certified six variants of three upcoming Samsung tablets: SM-T520, SM-T510, SM-T720, SM-T250X, SM-T510X, and SM-T720X. Sadly, the EEC website does not tell us anything more about these Samsung tablets apart from the model numbers. Going by the model numbers, SM-T510 is likely to be an upcoming Galaxy A-series tablet with a screen size of around 10-inches. The SM-T510X, on the other hand, could be a regional variant of the same tablet.

The SM-T720, on the other hand, could be an upcoming Galaxy Tab S series tablet. Since the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 bears the model number SM-T83X, the SM-T720 is likely to be an affordable alternative to the Galaxy Tab S4 with a smaller display and less impressive hardware specifications. Finally, we have the SM-T250, which is likely to be an entry-level Android tablet. The SM-T230 model number belonged to the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, which came out in 2014. If the SM-T210 is indeed a 2019 model, we can expect it have a similar display size as the Tab 4 7.0. Under the hood, however, the SM-T230 and SM-T230X are expected to pack newer hardware and come with a vastly different design on the outside.  On the software front, we can expect all the upcoming tablets to run on the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system with the Samsung Experience UX out of the box. In case the tablets are released in Q2 2019 or later, they may ship with Android 9 Pie out of the box instead.

Since the EEC certification has not shed any light on the hardware specifications of these unannounced Samsung tablets, we will need to wait until they start showing up on other major certification agencies to find out more about their key specifications.


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