Samsung SpaceMax series side-by-side refrigerators launched in India

On: April 22, 2019

Samsung has launched new SpaceMax series side-by-side refrigerators in India. The new refrigerators will be available for purchase starting today in two-door and three-door options. The company has over a 50 percent share of the refrigerator market in the country. The new lineup features improved efficiency, more space, seamless counter-depth design, and more.

Samsung SpaceMax series: features

One of the most important new features in the SpaceMax range of refrigerators is the availability of more space inside. The external dimensions of the products haven’t increased, nor has its energy usage, but you still get more room for food. The walls of refrigerator are thinner and packs a minimal amount of high-energy insulation.

Samsung has also included an all new all-around cooling system that keeps all the corners cool. This system will continuously check various areas and blow cold air via multiple vents. This ensures that the fridge is evenly cooled. The fridge also comes with the Samsung Digital Inverter Compressor. This will automatically adjust the speed of the compressors based on requirements, which will reduce the wear and tear. According to the company, this inverter compressor will last longer than the competition and also save up to 50 percent more energy. It has a certified lifespan of 21 years and a 10-year warranty.

The three-door variant features two fridges and one freezer. It has customisable lower and upper storage space, which minimises air loss by about 55 percent. Samsung has used a large water tank for the ice and water dispenser available in the two-door variant. It makes the fridge easier to install without connecting to a water supply. Simply add water and enjoy cold water or ice. The fridge also features the Power Cool and Power Freeze options, which allows you to quickly cool or freeze food, water, drinks etc.

Samsung SpaceMax series: price and availability

The new SpaceMax series side-by-side lineup starts at Rs 1,06,990 for the two-door option, whereas the three-door models start at Rs 1,16,990. There’s also a two-door variant that’s available with an ice and water dispenser, which will cost you Rs 1,25,990. You will be able to purchase the refrigerators starting today from both online and offline channels.