Samsung patents a phone with two notches to house dual selfie cameras

Samsung has filed a patent for a mobile device that has two separate notches in each corner on top of the screen

Samsung has received a patent for a mobile phone which has two notches on the screen to house dual selfie cameras. The device in the patent has two notches in each top corner of the display. The patent has appeared in the database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The new Samsung phone patent was filed by Samsung Electronics in November 2017, and received international registration a couple of days ago. This device has a different solution to maximise the screen area, unlike the punch-hole displays from the South Korean tech giant.

Samsung could be offering full-screen design by placing selfie notches on the two corners of a phone

The new Samsung patent in the USPTO database seems to be just a reference design for the front of a smartphone. At the rear, the handset has a single camera, which is placed in the middle on top. So it’s likely that the commercial handset will not have just a single camera if and when the brand launches the product. Unfortunately, the patent hasn’t revealed anything else about this particular device. It’s worth mentioning that Chinese phone maker Xiaomi was also granted a patent for a similar design earlier this year, but the two notches were placed at the bottom corners.

Samsung seems to be working on a phone with a reverse notch above the screen

In related news, Samsung has recently also received a patent for a smartphone display, which has a reverse notch to house the selfie cameras and the earpiece. The reverse notch is attached in the middle of the outer top-side of the product. Aesthetics-wise, the device doesn’t look very appealing as the notch sticks out of the screen. However, by implementing this notch design, the company has managed to offer a complete full-screen fascia. The patent was filed by the brand with the Korean Intellectual Property Office last year, and it received approval in September this year. Prior to Samsung, Chinese brands including Vivo and Huawei had also received patents for similar-looking devices in the past.

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